Editorial Takes Aim at LaV

The point of this DNJ editorial is the fact that the city needs to get it together. Here’s the very end of the editorial by the Daily News Journal:

… At the same time, the city failed to realize Duggin was running a quarry operation in violation of its zoning ordinance while getting free water.  La Vergne’s 27,000-plus residents deserve better management in City Hall, and it is the Mayor and Board of Aldermen’s job to provide that. In that arena, the board is proving to be negligent to the point of embarrassment.

While I have to applaud La Vergne for it’s outstanding work in helping residents during the flooding with its emergency operations, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that the day-to-day operations should also be handled with proper care.


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  1. Kathy —

    Will you let people know that the emergency assistance numbers around town, direct people to the PD which in turn transfers them to the Civic Auditorium, where Box 100 has set up a location for those who ened help and those who wish to donate.

    The number is 355-3000. This is not a scam. This is for people who need assistance.

    Also, people need to start stopping by the Civic to pick up items. They are going to have to close shop on Friday because we have rentals in the building, beginning on Saturday.

    The faster people stop by the better. The building is packed with items (clothing, household supplies, etc.). I don’t want these things to go to waste.

    Also, I just spoke to the Mayor and he informed me that there’s a video floating around on YouTube that has some more information. I think if you look under La Vergne flooding you should fine it.

    Thanks again,


  2. Angie, does the mayor have a response to this article and the others questioning his leadership in this city? The handeling of the flood was great, but the fact is more and more people are ashamed to call La Vergne their home and that falls at the fet of the mayor.

  3. It is time to face the reality that we are not moving forward as a city.The traffic count alone on Murfressboro Road,as well as demographics shows it would be easy to add to out tax base by enticing some quality franchise restuarants (Ryan’s,Golden Corral,.Western Sizzler) to build here.I do not be it would have an adverse effect on existing restaurants.It would give locals more choice.We need the property tax revenue.

  4. Well, the DNJ pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’m so glad it’s an election year, and I would love to know the mayor’s response to the article. Too bad there aren’t any good ‘ole boys working there. But, I still believe this city has amazing potential

    On a lighter note, kudos to the police department. thanks for keeping us safe.

    Mr. Erwin, any response to the article?

  5. “La Vergne’s 27,000-plus residents deserve better management in City Hall, and it is the Mayor and Board of Aldermen’s job to provide that. In that arena, the board is proving to be negligent to the point of embarrassment.”

    Couldn’t have said it better. I’m not saying I could do the job, but I find it hard to believe that who we’ve got working for us are the best that we can find.

  6. La Vergne public works has taken the worst hit of any department in the city. They have been working everywhere doing everything from street repair, flood cleanup, trash cleanup they have been doing it all. By the way, the public works shop was also flooded. So you can understand my anger when I was told that Alderman Dennis Waldron called the public works Director and asked him to mow some peoples grass.

    • I wouldn’t be too hard on Dennis Waldron about that. If someone living in this city calls their alderman and asks him to enforce the codes, then that is what the alderman should do, right?

      I’m not disagreeing that mowing lawns should take a back seat at the moment; what I am sugesting is that perhaps you could call Mike Jenkins at codes at volunteer to handle some of the lawn mowing requests they get?

      • I stated that he called the director of Public Works, not the director of Codes. Mike Jenkins is the man to call at codes for tall grass; Alderman Waldron was offering Public Works as a lawn service. I have been too busy volunteering with the flood victims since last Saturday to worry about cutting grass. What have you been doing since last Saturday?

    • Here’s another very strange use of time – yesterday, the gas company (Smyrna Utilities) came out to our subdivision and changed out everybody’s gas meters (we’re talking several hundred meters, not just a few). One, we had no flooding here, so it’s not like they were replacing damaged meters; (2) we received absolutely no notice they were coming; (3) they just put notes on everybody’s door that they would come back out and turn the gas back on and re-light pilot lights if the homeowner didn’t know how to do it. Of course, everybody was at work at the time, so Lord knows how many people came home to no heat or hot water.

      Granted, the utility company is in Smyrna and not LaVergne, but I can’t believe nobody in Smyrna needed utility assistance after the flood.

  7. If Dennis Waldron wants grass mowed why doesn’t he volunteer his time and mower and go do it? He technically works for the city! Dennis where have youy been volunteering your time and resources to help get our city back on it feet! That is just an asinine suggestion in my opinion! I have a job and life but have put it in hold to help, where are you???

  8. Justin, sorry, after re-reading my post I can see how it looks like a personal attack on you and that’s not what i meant it to be. My point was when a crisis occurs, people tend to neglet the crisis’ that are still on-going. People still need jobs, food, etc. even if they were not affected by the flood. Someone who is selling their home and has neighbors who haven’t mowed their grass have a right to ask the city to enforce the codes. Why can’t Dennis Waldron mow the grass? I don’t know what he’s doing.

    As for me, this past Saturday I spent as much time sleeping as possible and playing golf if I actually had to be awake :)

    • michaelinLV As soon as I posted, I immediately wanted to take it all back. It sounded crude and rude and beneath me. You do a great job volunteering with the city. Listen to this because you will more than likely never hear it again in our lifetime. I apologize

      • Justin, it’s called a “premature send” and Lord knows, we’ve all done it in the heat of the moment. I wish there was a way to delete our own comments after they post! :)

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