Gorgeous Condo in LaV

Every now and then I find a house or condo so cute that even when it’s not my listing, I ask to feature it here on TiLaV.  The listing agent, Rhonda Burgess of Southern Living Realty Partners, graciously agreed to let me tell you about it.

Located at the Cottages of Lake, the two bedroom, two and a half bath condo has just over 1100 square feet. Here’s where it gets better… the list price is $69,900.  In other words, it would cost you about $475 p/month to own this home (which would include taxes and insurance) plus $75 p/month condo fee… $550 in all every month.

The downside is it’s listed as a short-sale which means buying it is subject to third party/bank approval.  However, given the price and beautiful condition, it may well be worth the wait and hurdles!  Here are some photos…

If you are interested in moving to LaVergne (or leaving your rental to own a home on Arlene Drive), Rhonda can be reached at (615) 751-6234 or email her Rhonda (at) RealtyWorldNashville (dot) com.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about my listing at 281 Bill Stewart Blvd.  Here’s a video link.

I’d love Rhonda to show you this home, too, or you can also call me at (615) 491-2161.   :o)


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