Power Outage, Power Line Spark/Fire

Sorry but I just have to whine.

We lost our power today in the big, brief storm when a gigantic tree fell over on a power line. It just came back on about 30 minutes ago and for that I am oh-so-grateful.  However, because there was no power, we had to venture out to find some dinner (more about that later).

The picture over there… that was taken in the Kroger parking lot on Sam Ridley about 4:00’ish this afternoon.  Pretty sure it was just a cloud, but nosirree I didn’t like it one bit.

Anyway on our way back from picking up dinner in LaVergne, my daughter saw a spark and then flames on a power line on M’boro Road next to one of those temporary fireworks tents.  Nosirree I don’t like that either.

The first call responders (firetrucks, police) were on their way and we just got out of their way.  My thanks to them for their quick response.

Also my thanks to the inventor of braces wax… without it my mouth would continue to suffer from a broken tooth.  I’m pretty sure my old mercury filling is probably filling my brain with poison as it seeps out and flows into the cut on my tongue from where the sharp filling has sliced it.

That’s all for tonight… and aren’t we all lucky for that?  TMI.


Slow Week, But Some Snippets to Chew On

Sorry about how quiet this site has been this week… all work and no play!!!

First, my friend has emailed me some links to share.  It looks like more sidewalks are coming to our schools, thanks to a grant that the city has received called “Safe Routes to School.”  From the Murfreesboro Post,

City of LaVergne will use the Safe Routes to School funds to construct more than 1,000 linear feet of sidewalk on Floyd Mayfield Drive. The sidewalk will allow kids to walk to several schools, including LaVergne Primary, Roy L. Waldron Elementary, LaVergne Middle, LaVergne Lake Elementary and Rock Springs Elementary Schools, and will also connect to Veterans Memorial Park.

Also the summer food programs are still available.  During June and July free breakfast and lunch are available to ANYONE under 18.   There is a lot of poverty in our community, so please spread the word that meals are available for children throughout the summer at Roy Waldron Elementary School.

The federally funded Summer Feeding program is provided each year in high poverty areas to ensure area children have access to a proper nutrition while school is not in session. Meals also are available for adults, who may purchase breakfast for $2 and lunch for $3. The program will run on weekdays from June 1-July 30 (but will be closed on July 5).

Contact the school for exact times.  Also, here’s a link to the menu.

Finally, word is out that the water at the rock quarry has been turned off by the city.  I’m curious if the city will send a bill for estimated expenses from the past few years.

OPEN THREAD! What are you thinking about besides how to stay cool in this heat??

Happy Father’s Day…

To all Dad’s, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, future dads, and those who want to be Dads… Happy Fathers Day!

Need to Cash in A Favor…

Remember when we were talking about giving up this platform about two or three months ago to merge with a certain other site, everyone said, “Oh no. We *love* this site.” etc. etc. etc.   Both because of your comments and some behind the scenes stuff, it was decided to keep This is LaVergne alive and kicking.  For free.  Still.  I am here to serve this good cause blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda …

So free free free… So now I need to cash in the favor and am asking YOU to help me.  I need to find someone who has the ability to record a couple of speeches (one is about 2 minutes, the other I’m not sure…) from the baton queens who live here in LaVergne.  They will be doing their farewell walk at the end of this month and during the walk, a recording they make of their year as queen will be played.  I don’t have the ability to record it (all at one level), dub music in the background, and then burn it to a CD.  I need it a week from today.

I need the work done pro bono if possible, but can pay a minimal amount… previous queens paid about $10 p/speech (I really mean it when I say minimal!).

Can anyone help me?  With all the singers, songwriters, roadies, and other industry insiders in this area, I’m really hoping someone can lend a hand.  Please email me at kathy (at) bobparks (dot) com or call 491-2161.   Please?

Do You Recognize That There are Two Sides?

I was reading my friend Gunner’s op ed piece in the DNJ this morning about how we’ve lost the ability to see both sides of all opinions and that people are no longer willing to compromise.  Read for yourself, but here’s a snippet:

A brief look at the blog posts, the letters to the editors, and the comments that border on juvenile shows a polarized people on almost every subject. What is worse is that when someone tries to admit that both sides have some merit, but they also have failings, they are almost always viewed as being in the ‘other camp.

The only comment (so far) basically validates what he said.  The comment didn’t see his point, but fell to sarcastic name calling (“genius”) and avidly pointed out that Gunner didn’t complain about former VP Dick Cheney’s motives during the Bush years.   O.o

I tend to agree with Gunner on this one.  Yes, my political views are very different than those of about half the country BUT I do think it’s important to consider all sides with issues.  As distasteful as it may seem to each of us, perhaps spending 30 minutes each week listening to either MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann or Fox News Bill O. (the one you don’t usually watch) may shed light for each of us as to why the other half thinks like they do.

I am being careful not to say which side I fall on, but do think both sides have merit just as both (like Gunner said) have shortcomings.  Are you willing to compromise or are you so rigid in your opinion that you’re willing to see be a part of our cracking civility to each other?

Have You Seen Me

Ever went away for a nice weekend out of town only to come home to find something missing?  If so, you know how I’m feeling.

I went camping for a few days. My roommate stayed behind to watch the house and dogs.  Saturday morning I got a phone call saying my dog was missing.

Missing? What? How? He fell asleep on the couch, the dog laying next to him. He wakes up Saturday morning and Oliver is no where to be found.  No sign of him leaving the fence, no holes, no nothing. Only conclusion, Someone blatantly opened the gate outside and let him out!

Can you believe someone has the guts to just come in my backyard and take something that doesn’t belong to them!

LaVergne, have you seen my dog?

Stay Cool In the Theater!

When the heat is in the upper 90’s and the humidity is also high, the heat index is just deadly.  Try to stay cool if you spend a lot of time outside.  Rest frequently, drink plenty of water, stay in the shade whenever possible.  Always be aware of where you are, where your kids are, and how hot it is wherever you are.

Another way to stay cool is to head to the Malco-Roxy Cinema in Smyrna on certain days … you know how cool theaters are … for inexpensive family days.  From our friends at This is Smyrna, here are the shows for the remainder of June and July.

June 15-16: Monsters vs. Aliens
June 22-23: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
June 29-30: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
July 6-7: Kung Fu Panda
July 13-14: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
July 20-21: Aliens in the Attic
July 27-28: Charlotte’s Web

Shows start promptly at 10:00 a.m. and are $2 p/person.

Photo from prenylastman via flickr creative commons.