Have You Seen Me

Ever went away for a nice weekend out of town only to come home to find something missing?  If so, you know how I’m feeling.

I went camping for a few days. My roommate stayed behind to watch the house and dogs.  Saturday morning I got a phone call saying my dog was missing.

Missing? What? How? He fell asleep on the couch, the dog laying next to him. He wakes up Saturday morning and Oliver is no where to be found.  No sign of him leaving the fence, no holes, no nothing. Only conclusion, Someone blatantly opened the gate outside and let him out!

Can you believe someone has the guts to just come in my backyard and take something that doesn’t belong to them!

LaVergne, have you seen my dog?

4 Responses

  1. What part of La vergne??

  2. Poor Oliver. I’ve been watching for him. Chip lives over near my own neighborhood of Morningside. I’ve driven down Hollandale Road (the scary wooded part) looking and all around the neighborhood. Even up and down Bill Stewart / Fergus to no avail. I’m hoping someone does have him (for now) because this heat is very hard on our four-legged friends.

  3. Try posting this on http://www.petfinders.com and calling the animal shelters daily.

    Poor Oliver. Come home Oliver.

  4. i miss him sooo! I hope he is ok!

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