More Voting Underway… It’s for the Students RA RA RA

As requested by our friend MichaelinLV, here’s a link to a poll in which we should ALL vote IMMEDIATELY, FREQUENTLY, and with ZEAL.  Vote for Landon Grooms!

WSMV is doing a poll for HS player of the week, and this week Landon Grooms from LHS is one of the 4 nominees. I don’t know anything about the kid but I definitely want to support our local kids. You can vote on the poll here:

All kidding aside, we really do need to rally around our students at LaVergne High School.  SO COME ONE, COME ALL!  VOTE!  Let’s kick some righteous butt and give our kids a WIN.



Two Days Left to Vote on Ruthies

Hi all… there are only two days left to vote on the Ruthies, so here we are asking for a few votes.  You’ll need to log in to Facebook or another social media outlet… a new concept apparently this year to keep it to one vote per person per day.

You can pick your favorite elected official for the city.

You can pick your favorite real estate agent for the city (and overall favorite real estate agent).  *cough*

You can pick your favorite columnist (I love me some Gunner Miller and Mealand Ragland Hudgins).

Our own Kym & Bev’s Grill is in several categories including Best Breakfast Restaurant, Favorite Restaurant, Favorite Place for a Quick Lunch, Best Meal for Your Money, etc. (there are 12 or 13 in all).

The Lazy Pig is under favorite bbq restaurant.

Favorite Principal…

Favorite Tanning Salon…

Anyway, take some time to vote today AND tomorrow. And share the link with your family and friends!  :)

Here’s the link again.

I Guess I Should Give This a Title

Okay, so there’s a very bizarre video in this post.  First, some kitties from I Can Has Cheezburger.

And this one…

Okay now the video after the jump.  Why the jump?  Nudity.  Not the kind you might expect, but you’ve been warned nonetheless.

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Messing Around with Site Administration

I’m just now getting into the 21st Century with allowing readers to “share” a post from This is LaVergne on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.  You can also “like” specific posts now.  To share or like, you’ll have to click on the post title and the share and like information is at the bottom.

I’d like to be able to add this for people to use without having to click on the actual post, but until I do more research and figure out how, we’ll just have to settle for what we have now.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for questions from you that you’d like to ask all the candidates for elected office.  Am working on the email next week to send to everyone so your questions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Baton Classes Begin Tonight!

The Tennessee Twirlers – the group that placed TWO queens, grand champions, and national champions in LaVergne – is starting baton twirling classes tonight for beginners.  Here’s the information:

Rutherford County – LaVergne Multipurpose Building
Tuesdays:  6:30-7:25
Begins August 24th, November 16th, March 1st
*10 weeks per semester/55 min. classes

The cost is $95 per semester, plus the cost of a baton (around $25’ish).  I’ll be there tonight to help with registration – open to girls AND boys ages kindergarten through senior in high school.

Seeking Questions for Candidates

Several years ago we posted and emailed questions to our local candidates running for election in LaVergne.  This year we will again reach out to our potential aldermen and mayor to see how they answer questions… to give them a forum where they can specifically address direct concerns of residents, the people who live here, have families, pay taxes.

One friend said she always wants to know:  “Why should I vote for you?”

That’s a great start!  What questions do you have, citizens of LaVergne?  Want to know about the budget?  Hiring practices?  Crime?  How to build retail?  Road improvements?   Let ’em rip (your questions, I mean) and I’ll compile and send to the candidates.

Let the Election Races Begin

The ballots have been finalized as of noon today.

We have three individuals running for mayor including incumbent Ronnie Erwin, Alderwoman Senna Mosley, and rotarian Mike Slinker.

There are seven running for two Alderman positions including incumbent Sherry Green.  She’s joined by Earl Wilson, Teresa Bess Smith, Kandy Pierce, Chris Farmer, Tom Broeker, and David Gammon.

The signs are already appearing in yards, so get ready for a long two and a half months of campaigning!

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