Don’t Forget: Ruthies

It’s voting time for prom queen!  Well, not that exactly but it is Ruthies season.   The Daily News Journal hosts a popularity / best-of contest every year and it’s time to vote for your favorites.

The categories I always vote in (nudge nudge, wink wink):

  • Favorite Real Estate Agent (LaVergne/Smryna)
  • Favorite Estate Agent
  • Favorite Elected Official (LaVergne)
  • Favorite Newspaper Columnist
  • Favorite Tanning Boutique (a nod to TTB for their wonderful support after the May floods)
  • Favorite Teacher
  • Favorite Principal
  • Favorite Meat & Three

What are your favorite categories?  Who would you suggest we vote for?

Go vote… in good fun!

One Response

  1. Awwww.
    I like that saying… ‘Favorite Tanning Boutique’..
    I’m going to use that.

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