Restaurant Review: Mixed Grill Gyros

I had the opportunity yesterday to have lunch at LaVergne’s Mixed Grill Gyros located at 5118 Murfreesboro Road.  Another friend had recommended the restaurant when I picked her up for an evening of working at Bridgestone Arena… we always eat before we go because the complementary “jumbo all beef hotdog” we get for working just doesn’t quite fill you up when you work on your feet for eight hours (+/-).

My friend who recommended the place was chowing down on a mixed gyro and I was salivating on my steering wheel, despising the cold slice of pizza that was my before-work-meal.  So yesterday was finally the day to go!

Another friend and I arrived around 1:00 p.m. and there was another group of about five adults and a handful of children there (so yes, it’s family friendly).  The worker at the cash register was very courteous and happy to take our orders.

I asked if they could make a Philly Cheese Steak sans the onions and peppers because I am a five-year old when it comes to eating.  Hahaha… just kidding (but mac & cheese is pretty good).  They were very happy to accommodate me and I also ordered a side of fried mushrooms and water (I’m also a cheapskate!).  My friend ordered the 1/2 pound burger, fries, and a soft drink.

I liked the restaurant because at no time did the workers act stressed.  I hate going out to eat and hearing management yell at or boss around their employees.  Everyone there seemed perfectly happy… happy workers = happy food.

The food came and it was WONDERFUL!  The meat for my Philly Cheese Steak was trimmed right then and there (no frozen deli meat microwaved on the spot).  The mushrooms inside were nicely peppered and the cheese was perfectly melted.  The fried mushrooms though… those are what will keep me going back for more.  They weren’t so hot that my mouth was burnt and the side of horseradish was nice (okay in a little rectangular package but still … at least they offered it).

I thought mine was good, but then my friend’s burger came out. I admit that I was just a tad jealous.  Her burger was huge!  She swore she couldn’t wait to tell her husband about it because apparently he is a burger aficionado.  She promised she’d be back with him.

Menu items besides what we had are as follows (with the prices just on the sandwiches though they also offer plates and combos on many):

Gyro $3.99
Chicken Gyro $3.99
Mixed Gyro $3.99
Philly Cheese Steak $4.99
Falafl $3.99
1/2 lb Burger $3.59
1/4 lb Burger $2.99
Grilled Chicken $3.99
Catfish $4.99
and Chicken Wings $7.99

Side items include chicken wings, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, jalapeno poppers, fried mushrooms, cheese sticks, onion rings, french fries, side rice, and hummus.  There are also salads: Gyro salad, Comb salad, chicken salad, Tabbouleh Salad, and Greek salad.

Here’s the best part… they have desserts!!!   Ice cream cone, ice cream cup, BAKLAVA (omg…), Berma, and ice cream shakes.

If you get a chance, please do stop by Mixed Grill Gyros (Tel: 471-1670) and tell them This is LaVergne sent you.  Let us know what you think!!


Social Networking Is Not So Hard… And Yet

Those of you who only know me through the convenience of online sites know that I’m a pretty laid back kinda person.  Heck, it didn’t even bother me when Justin Jason said I was naive to think we should keep party affiliation out of local elections… clearly *that* won’t happen but it doesn’t stop me from wishing it would!

But there are some things that bug me today and I’m here today to vent.  Buckle up, cowboys… this could get ugly.

  1. Let’s stop calling this site a blog.  Yes, it was set up using blog software (blog by the way is the marriage of two words: web and log.  Web log was shortened to “blog” and I hate whoever thought it was cute because blog is not an attractive word…).  Now, however, it’s more of an information-central kind of web site.  You can comment.  You can support one candidate or another.  You can tell us about your yard sale or missing pets.  Tell us when the high school choir is singing or having a bake sale.  Let us know if we need to support a student or teacher or school. Just keep it civil and we’re happy.
  2. If you ignore us, we won’t go away.  We’re here and there are plenty of people reading.  If you want to reach between 400 and 2000 residents of the city each day, this is a good place to do that … for FREE.  Businesses who want to tell us their meal deal, give us free auto repair quotes, have a job opening… No fancy signs are necessary.  You can chime in on any discussion.  Just keep it civil and we’re happy.
  3. Social networking sites like Facebook are extremely popular.  I heard today that there are 500 million users worldwide – and the U.S. population is about 300 million… talk about a global phenomenon!  So out of the 500 million people on facebook today, why would a middle aged man try to friend my 15-year old daughter?  Let me rephrase this…

Dear Two LaVergne Candidates for Office Who “Friended” My 15-Year Old Daughter,

That is just a bucket-load of disturbing you have filled up.  I know you’re doing it for name recognition, but the bottom line is you are a man (both of you), you are old (well, compared to the kiddo), you have never met my 15-year old daughter, and I think your feet are firmly planted in Creepyville which sits on the border of I’m-about-to-be-an-outraged-Mom-town.  Please do us all a favor and look who you’re friends with.  Be conscientious of who you have added because this is seriously very weird to me. That is all.

I’m done numbering because they start again at #1.

Today is September 28th.  Those who are running in our local elections have been snail mailed, given a copy of the questionnaire online and I even spoke to every single one of them (except Ms. Smith) in person at Oldtimers Day to encourage them to complete and return the survey by September 30th.  I know one person said he wouldn’t return it, another one or two said they’d think about it.  The thing is… we may have 10 or 20 people who regularly comment here, but there are another few hundred who read and do not comment.  This is your opportunity to make a FREE case for yourself on why we should ALL vote for you.  And you don’t care enough to answer the survey?  Is this how you will behave in office… picking and choosing who your constituents are?

Finally, This is LaVergne will be writing an endorsement of our picks for mayor and aldermen after all responses have been published.  This will be done through an editorial process by a committee of two:  Ivy and Me.   Readers will also have the opportunity to endorse the candidate(s) they support.

So Rah Rah Rah… Let’s Go Let’s Go








Anheuser Busch Distribution Coming to LaV

Great news from the city!

Ajax-Turner relocating to La Vergne

Ajax-Turner Company, Inc., distributor for the Anheuser Busch brewery company, has chosen to move their offices and distribution cetner from Nashville to La Vergne, Vice Mayor and Economic Development Chairman Jerry Gann said Sept. 15.

They will be located in Center Pointe industrial park, located at Waldron Road and I-24 in La Vergne. They will bring 250 relocated jobs to the city, Gann said.

“The relocation of Ajax-Turner creates more synergy for the area,” Gann said.  “This announcement shows that the City is continuing to market itself as a prime location within Middle Tennessee and the US.”

Mayor Ronnie Erwin was pleased with the announcement.

“I’m very happy that Ajax Turner decided to relocate to La Vergne,” he noted. “This shows that companies across the country are continuing to look at La Vergne not only for its quality of life but  for its logistical location to service Middle Tennessee and the rest of the country.”

The mayor said he personally met with Scott Turner, president of Ajax Turner, to get this deal to come through.  In addition, he added for readers that the Dollar General Store is moving along as planned and should open in the near future.  If you have any questions for the mayor, he can be reached at 394-2821.

Quick! Buy a House!

No apologies! I’m proud to be a real estate agent!  Perhaps poor to be a real estate agent right now, but still PROUD!  *smile*

That’s why it is a thrill to tell you about a few houses that are for sale … because they are amazing in one way or another.  First, I was working with a buyer who found a gorgeous house in Lascassas listed at $114,900.  Located at 7850 Dunaways Chapel Road, it is a mobile home on a permanent foundation.  It has a huge (stand alone) two-car garage completely wired for electricity (probably 200 volt) and the house is beautiful.  But what’s even more appealing is the yard.  It sits on almost 7 acres – very private, wooded, and beautiful.  You drive through what feels like a forest of trees and along a creek to get to the homestead part.  Once you get to the park-like setting where the house sits, there’s still a ton of back yard.  Here are some photos — and I’m sharing this information with permission from the listing agent: Tim Dutton of John Jones Realty (615-631-1829).  If you call, tell him I said hello.

I don’t have permission to put photos of these up, but I want to tell you about some extraordinary new listings in LaVergne – inexpensive AND great condition…

1522 Ridgemont Drive is listed at $99,900.  It has 1100 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, seller to pay closing costs with full price offer AND it’s all new inside.  It’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful home.

1102 Maxie Court is listed at $101,900.  Although it’s a foreclosure, it’s impeccable with a stone fireplace, hardwood (or laminate) floors, 1326 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 2-car garage.

371 Davids Way is available at $159,000 and has 2563 square feet.  It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and tile in the kitchen.  Very very pretty and priced well below tax appraisal.

Finally 1049 Tom Hailey Blvd. is just stunning.  It has 1400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 1-car garage, new paint throughout, and VERY WELL maintained.  It’s only $94,900.

If you’re thinking about and are able to buy right now, why aren’t you?  Not to sound like a car salesman, but you won’t beat these prices – both housing and interest rates.

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these or if you have any friends, family, or colleagues interested.

/End Talk of Real Estate (for now)

Open Announcement Thread for Candidates

I recently received a request from a candidate asking if we could post an announcement here regarding an upcoming election activity.  He is inviting other candidates and wanted to get the word out.  Instead of me doing it, I’m opening this thread for any candidates who want to make event announcements.  That way everyone has equal access to post what they want about their events, cookouts, walkathons, whatever.

Personally, I’ll try to attend as many as I can because I want to get a good feel for what they’d be like as an elected official.  Genuine?  Snarky? Friendly? Sincere?

Recyclying is Good When Correctly Done

I received a reminder from the automatic, fantasticmatic, awesomematic notification system the city offers to those who sign up for it… the email notification system to let us know when announcement are made.  Directly from the city:

La Vergne accepts paper for recycling

Just a quick note to remind La Vergne residents that the city accepts paper products such as scrap paper, junk mail, phone books, shredded paper, magazines, non-corragated boxes and more at their locations at City Hall and the Library.

Please don’t throw garbage into these bins. SP Recycling takes the products and recycles them.

“Rather than throwing away junk mail, paper and the like, we ask that the citizens help recycle them,” said City of La Vergne Marketing and Program Coordiantor Angie Mayes. “There is a big problem in town with the number of phone books we receive each year. Rather than throwing them away (which will go to the almost-full landfill), we ask that people take them to our recycling bins to dispose of them.”

For more information, contact Mayes at 287-8690.

So kudos for recycling done correctly.

Jeers, however, to those who don’t do it correctly.  WSMV reported last night that a company on Nu View Drive was operating without a business license in an area zoned I-1 (or no outside trash).  Here’s more from Channel 4,

“My main concern is they will close up and leave this mess behind; that’s my biggest concern, other than that it’s a little unsightly,” said neighbor Joe Eccles.

The glass has started to spill over onto the property next door. Neighbors were concerned Monday that there could be some type of hazardous material spewing into the neighborhood. That’s why the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency was called to the scene.

Unsightly indeed.

OTD Was a Success in My Book

It was such a pleasure to attend the annual celebration yesterday with NO OBLIGATIONS other than to just enjoy it.  I got to see lots of people, meet some new folks, talk to all the candidates who were present for the upcoming election, eat roasted corn on the cob, drink free water, watched a parade, and listened to some great music.  The worst part of the day is that I missed the fireworks … my own fault.

GREAT JOB to all the city workers who put the event together.  I know it’s a lot of hard, focused work where your diplomatic skills must be used in high gear.  If there were any snafus, we didn’t see them and that – in my experience -always makes for a successful event.  If there’s a mess-up, as long as people don’t know about it then there is NO mess-up!  So BRAVO, y’all!

I did enjoy talking to the candidates and have left with some impressions.  I’m not going to be specific here … will save for my endorsements when the election gets closer.  But here are some general impressions:

  • Most are in the races for the right reasons – they love living here and want to make it a better place to live.
  • Some seem to be singularly focused on one or two issues where perhaps a broader picture is needed. But their issues of focus are good ones. These are the candidates who – if they don’t win election – should absolutely be tapped by the victors to serve on committees on behalf of the city… Economic Development, Local Emergency Management, Planning Commission.
  • Some really dislike this site because of the many Senna Mosley fans.  Let me be clear about this, ALL COMMENTS are welcome here as long as you abide by the Terms of Use.  Keep your tone civil, no personal attacks.  If you are a candidate and don’t want to be here, send your citizens enthusiasts here to comment.  This is an equal opportunity site.. if you want someone to come on and say “VOTE FOR ____ because he/she is the BEST! (and why)” or “___ has lived here for 20 years and really has the best interest of residents at heart.” THEN DO IT.   Readers want to hear from you.
  • It’s a little uncomfortable for people to just pick up the phone and say, “Hey. You’re running for office. I’d like to get to know you.”  Seriously.  You need to make yourself available (which you did yesterday at OTD and thank you for that) whether it’s in person or online.
  • One candidate who I “knew of” before, but had not met really left a positive impression on me.
  • One candidate who I “knew of” before, but had not met didn’t at all impress me and (upon reflection) rather offended me.
  • Two candidates who I “knew of” before are pretty okay people.  I like ’em I do.  Don’t know if I’ll vote for them in this election, but hope they’ll run again because I wish we could vote for FOUR aldermen.
  • One candidate who I “knew” before did not change my personal opinion after chatting. After going over the conversation in my head several times, it became clear that the comments were an attack on the other candidates – subtle, but there.  And I call BS.
  • While I appreciate the site suggestions, I have decided not to limit free speech opportunities unless comments are vulgar.
  • I am giving very serious consideration to implementing some comment guidelines on the actual posts when the questionnaires are returned.  That was a good, good suggestion and I appreciate it.

That’s all I’ll leave you with for now.  Remember, be civil.  Conduct yourself in a way that will make your Momma proud.

Here are some pictures from the day!

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