Candidate Answers Begin Tomorrow

We sent the questionnaires out on September 8th to every candidate seeking office within the city of LaVergne.  I have at some point talked with every single candidate in the interim – whether at Oldtimers Day, on the phone, by email, Facebook, etc. – both confirming they received the questionnaire and encouraging them to reply.  We have said they can expand their answers however they want – there were no limits on the number of words.

Tomorrow morning at 10:05 a.m., we will begin publishing the answers.  They will be published in the order I received the responses, but I’ll say Apollo hasn’t landed yet for some.

Meanwhile, we do have some ground rules that I’m going to outline here.

  1. Comments are open, but limited.  We will accept relevant questions to the candidates and you can voice your support for candidates on their individual posts.  I am grateful for the candidates who took the time to reply, so I believe we owe them respect enough to not to sully their replies.  If you write against the candidate on these posts, the comment will be deleted.
  2. If you want to speak why you will not vote for someone, that is fine (what with the first amendment and all…), but only on other posts (NOT the questionnaire posts).

See?  The rules aren’t hard at all.  I would like to prove to the state and national political arena that people can discuss politics without being gigantic … (you can fill in the blank).

We ARE LaVergne… and we have pride in our community!


3 Responses

  1. im so ready,,it will b nice to do so,,and it will b very nice to comment are concerns,but in a way that we want to read and listen,we all have concern of the way are city is ran,in the past duck tape was put on are mouths,,well we would say something but ,we where talking to are selfs,,so thanks to ,this is lavergne,that we can,,,

  2. Tony your post is a little confussing, don’t quite understand what you are saying.

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