Campaign Finance Disclosures

I am linking to the campaign finance disclosures that were filed by the candidates with the Rutherford County Election Commission.  The deadline for turning it in had been Monday, October 12th but it was extended a day because of Columbus Day.  As a result, not all of these are “certified” copies.

I am missing two of them:  Earl Wilson and Teresa Bess Smith.  Because there are few signs for these candidates, the expenditures and donations are probably not large amounts.  I will try to get those at some point to post.

Here is my understanding and please correct me if I’m wrong… the candidates must report itemized donations (both in-kind and monetary) and expenditures if they total more than $1,000.  If the amount is less than that, they are exempt from itemizing during this reporting period.  Their final report will have to be detailed, but it is not due until after the election (I think).  Both David Gammon and Kandy Pierce were exempt, but chose to disclose their information anyway.  I appreciate they are being transparent to voters.

This post is also linked in the Elections 2010 tab on top.

Mayor Candidates

Ronnie Erwin – Erwin- financial discl

Senna Mosley – Mosley- financial discl

Mike Slinker – Slinker- financial discl

Alderman Candidates

Tom Broeker – Broeker- financial discl

Chris Farmer – Farmer- financial discl

David Gammon – Gammon – financial discl

Sherry Green – Green – financial discl

Kandy Pierce – Pierce- financial discl

Teresa Bess Smith – (do not have yet)

Earl Wilson – (do not have yet)


26 Responses

  1. Very interesting….I see that Mike Slinker only has $50 and no money donated to him. HMMMMMM….interesting. How can one buy all thos signs and t-shirts and such with only $50.00 when I know that others have spent much much more on just signs. He isnt telling the whole truth. Honestly will get you in office my friend!

  2. I am a little confused….Slinker put $50 of hand, NO contributions yet he has signs and such all over the city….uhm, I am thinking either he paid for it all himself (which should still be listed accordingly) or it was donated (again needed to be listed)….

    So my point is “Why should I vote for someone who even on the simpliest of requests…can’t be honest?”

    Any thoughts?

  3. So Chris, just for clarification purposes…..

    The “loan to self” for $500 is that you loaning the campaign or the campaign loaning you….

  4. Hey David we as the community of voters are gonna need a little more information that what your disclosure is showing…..

    There doesn’t seem to be any real disclosure there…

  5. Remember if it’s under $1000 in total contributions and under $1000 in expenditures, candidates are exempt from itemizing.

    • True I understand that but if they are turning in a disclosure and they are running for public office you would think they would want to be as completely honest as possible….

      Let the voters know what is going on…..

      • I completely agree… you’d *think* wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, the campaign finance disclosure rules apparently leave plenty of wiggle room. Wiggle room that some have taken advantage of… It really makes me think those are the same people who will bend all the rules they can …or at least use every loop hole they can when in office.

        Spent under $1000 so doesn’t have to disclose? Puhleeze. The “cheap sign” places charge $200 for 100 signs… the little signs. So I’m figuring there are about 200 (at least) out there for $400. The big signs? They cost more… $40 a pop with at least 20 out there is $800. Not to mention full color brochures, in-kind donations for design and printing, banners, candy, limousines (in-kind!), etc. And t-shirts!

        I find it appalling at best.

  6. Wow, that is very enlightening! The way I see all of that is there are certain candidates that if I were to give them a $5 bill, it would show up on their disclosure (in the interest of full disclosure) and others would not bother (and probably wouldn’t give me the time of day. Now, that being said, I cannot donate to anyone so I do the next best thing, endorse the good ones to anyone with two ears and a LaVergne address!!!

  7. Bending rules seems to be a pattern for some . . .

  8. Everything Mr Slinker used to campaign: t-shirts, signs, candy, “free” limo, etc. SHOULD be listed on the disclosure, even if it is “donated”. With that said, isn’t the money that others have given to their candidate be considered a “donation” and not have to be listed on their disclosure???? Give me a break, Mr Slinker. Who are you kidding. By the way, I have already voted yesterday and guess who I DID NOT vote for???

  9. If you want to call the news call Larry Flowers his number is 615-957-4192

    • I have him on speed dial, he will not tell your name.
      He will need several complaints to file this story.
      La Vergne get on the phone.

  10. I just talked with the lady at the election headquarters and she tells me that it has to be $1000.00 on the reporting period ending 9/30/2010 for Mr Slinker to report all monies. I did ask her about the Limo being donated to him for OTD and she told me it depends on when he opened his checking account. She also stated that if anyone has concerns they need to file a complaint with the district att. right after the election. the next reporting date ends on Oct 23rd so he better be showing monies spent and monies raised or then she said they will get involved!

  11. I will say that overall to me the race for mayor/alderman doesn’t feel like an election just more of post a sign and hope to get votes. I haven’t heard of anything organized as far as forums, meetings, etc. To me that’s a bit disappointing because many in my neighborhood don’t know who any if the people running are

    • That LaVergne candidates were not invited by the League of Women Voters nor by the Chamber of Commerce debates is just another example of the red-haired-stepchild way the city is treated by Rutherford County.

      It’s certainly been a pattern… just like have you ever noticed that when a “bad guy” is caught in LaVergne, the city’s name ALWAYS makes the headline or news? But when a sex offender is caught or a crime is committed in Murfreesboro or Smyrna, it’s “Rutherford County” in the headline? That’s one of my pet peeves!

      Anyway, the whole debate issue… I had once thought about trying to put one together, but it was no more than a fleeting thought. Why? This site can not take on the responsibility of a debate because 1) we have no money, 2) we have no official organizational structure to host a debate or forum, and 3) if four of the candidates wouldn’t even fill out a questionnaire for readers, why would we think they’d come to a debate?

      Meanwhile I think it’s insulting that LaVergne is being pointedly ignored by the rest of the county when it comes to our elections. But that’s just me….

      • No Kathy, it is not just you. I agree that the media treatment we receive is very one sided, and not in our favor. I think it was a couple of years ago, although I could be VERY mistaken, one of the TBI top 10 was caught and the news reported him as a “former LaVergne resident” instead of stating where he was residing when caught.
        So, I hope when one of us wins a Nobel Prize for literature, economics or the like, let us agree to make sure the headline reads “Proud LaVergne Resident Wins Nobel Prize!!!!”

  12. I smell rotten fish!!

  13. Theresa,
    I also remember the TBI’s Top 10 was reported as you stated but can’t find it….just remember reading it.

    I have felt ever since I moved to La Vergne (over 5 years ago) La Vergne is like a “step child” in Rutherford Co..and the media points their finger at us often..

    Also after my recent reitrment from working for the City, I know alot of problems that have occurred and probably still are that has caused this “step child” name attached to La Vergne. I say a “prayor for the Mayor” Senna Mosley and feel real good that she will be elected, then things will change for the betterment of La Vergne and ouir residents. GO SENNA!!!

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