Because Counting Coins is Sooo Hard…

I’d love to spend my time counting coins, personally.   There is a system… start with the quarters and roll ’em up.  Then the dimes, nickels and pennies.

Meanwhile, thanks to the anonymous reader for sending me the link to one of our city’s resolutions passed this summer.

More than $1 in coins is an undue burden


4 Responses

  1. Wow, the administration has a little bit too much time on their hands. Maybe they should pass a resolution to punish whale hunters in LFE or something else as ridiculous!

  2. I think they passed this to get back at everyone who griped at the $4.00 fee to pay your water bill online or over the phone. I goofed one month and realized on the due date that it wasn’t paid (and yes, it was completely my fault), so I paid it online. I would have been better off paying the late fee than the extra $4.00!

    • While I think the coin is rather unnecessary unless you have slot of people bring change up there but I don’t know I don’t work there.
      I will say I do think $4 to pay your bill online is excessive. I emailed in to see if the water company shopped the rate around but the chose not to respond to that question. As a result I pay online thru my bank for free since the water company is still stuck in the 90s with their processing fees.

  3. The reason the ordinance was passed is because on of our citizens brought in more than $100 in pennies to pay his bill. It took hours of manpower to count them. They were lose.

    The water department doesn’t accept rolled coins either because they can’t assume that the rolls are filled with correct coins.

    This may be a pain for some people, but banks are happy to exchange the coins for dollars, if that’s all you have.

    Thanks for understanding!

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