Campaign Finance Disclosure, Period Ending 10-23-10

The title says it all, right?  Linked are the campaign finance disclosures from the candidates seeking election in LaVergne.  The beginning date of the reporting period is October 1st and the ending date is October 23rd.  I have also attached Earl Wilson’s from the last reporting period.  Teresa Bess Smith’s disclosure from the last and current reporting period are also attached in one file document.

Peruse away….

Mayor’s Race (in alphabetical order)

Ronnie Erwin-Disclosure-10-10

Senna Mosley-Disclosure-10-10

Mike Slinker-Disclosure-10-10

Aldermen’s Race (in alphabetical order)

Tom Broeker-Disclosure-10-10

Chris Farmer-Disclosure-10-10

David Gammon-Disclosure-10-10

Sherry Green-Disclosure-10-10

Katherine “Kandy” Pierce-Disclosure-10-10

Teresa Bess Smith-Disclosure-9-10 & 10-10

Earl Wilson – Disclosure-9-10


One Response

  1. I appreciate those who took the time to list all their expenditures — some seemed to think it was a waste of time, but it shows me the character of those who did. They are up front & honest, in my opinion, with nothing to hide.

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