Welcome Deborah B.

For the last several years, I have begged Deborah B. to become a writer on TiLaV.  When someone can so powerfully advocate for the protection of rights for individuals in the special needs community, you know she can advocate for the rest of us, too!

I have known Deborah for about seven years (give or take) and am always amazed at her insights.  I hope you’ll also enjoy her posts.  Please give her a warm welcome and be kind at least this first month.  ;-)


10 Responses

  1. Welcome aboard Deborah. I look forward to your posts.

  2. HELLO DEB,,,i hope u can put up with us,,well and kathy,,lol

  3. Don’t know ya but what the hell, WELCOME LOL

  4. Where are you going Kathy?

    Welcome Deborah.

  5. Hi Deborah!

    Welcome to the “Peanut Gallery”, … er, TiLV!!!

    We like most people…LOL!!!

    Cricket :)

  6. Welcome aboard! I promise we’ll try to be nice, but I’m sure you know that many of us don’t hesitate to rant and rave sometimes! :)

  7. Welcomoe, Deborah….love having a fresh voice on TiLV….

  8. Looking forward to you posts & welcome to our TAME website!!

  9. Thank you for all the nice comments, I certainly will try my best for This is La Vergne and Kathy who talked me into this!!

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