Let’s Organize a Flash Mob

My pal Tonya posted this on her Facebook status and it was amazing.  While I can’t sing and my dance skills are frightening at best, I think it would be GREAT to organize a flash mob.


Who wants to organize a LaVergne flash mob? We could do one for the Smyrna Christmas parade … LaVergne crashes Smyrna parade.


8 Responses

  1. LHS Choraliers could pull that off in a heartbeat!!

  2. That was awesome! I got all teary eyed. We’d have to come up with something a little less… tuneful. How could we do it to help show La Vergne in a positive light?

  3. Wow – Major goosebumps! Very cool!

  4. sounds great….but for me I can’t sing but will be a supporter and be there to cheer everyone on….love the idea…..go La Vergne

  5. I’m up for being an immoral supporter too… hmm might have typed that wrong :)

  6. this is what christmas is all about,,not what you give or get,,im not teary eyes im crying,,,love it,

  7. does amybody know where this was done,

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