Open Thread: Holiday Craft Fair

Proof that I'm not a hoarder.

No, there isn’t one that I know of here in LaVergne.  I write this hoping there actually IS ONE that someone can tell me about!  I have the bug to go to a craft fair!  Wouldn’t it be a marvelous idea for the city to hold one either at the Multipurpose Building or the Civic Auditorium in early December?  I make beaded ornaments that are nice, but want to learn how to make jewelry.  HEY!  Maybe offer a class on making jewelry?!

I think I’ll mosey down to the Mayor and Aldermen workshop tonight at City Hall.  The meeting starts at 5:00 p.m.  Who else is coming?

What’s on your mind, LaVergnians?  LaVergnites?  LaVergnians definitely.


4 Responses

  1. Have you been to that place on Lowery in Smyrna called The Market? It looks like a crafty kinda place, but I’ve never bothered to stop.

  2. Kathy —

    It’s a great idea. Unfortunately, the city does not allow money to change hands at our buildings.

    Maybe one of the smaller warehouses could hold such a thing.

    Just a thought.

  3. There was a Christmas Craft fair held at LMS a couple of years ago. I dont think it was a school planned event. It wasnt very well publicized or attended but could be a great location again if given the proper attention & planning.

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