Holiday Gathering 2k10

UPDATE:  This is LaV will be getting together on Sunday, December 12th at 4:00 p.m. at Mixed Grill Gyros, 5118 Murfreesboro Road.  The restaurant is very pleased that we will be there, so please come one and all!

Who wants to get together for an informal meet & greet (slash) Christmas (slash) holiday celebration?  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve done one … It would be a great time for our elected officials to also show up informally and have the opportunity to talk to constituents.  Face to face.  And nice.

Anyone in?  I’m thinking a Sunday afternoon – this Sunday is a good possibility.  Where?


27 Responses

  1. Kathy this Sunday would be good for me. I am covered up for the next few weekends after that. You name the place and I will be there.

  2. Kathy, I think this is a wonderful idea. As long as you don’t mind the kidlets tagging along, I should be able to do it!

  3. If it’s kid friendly I’d love to come!

  4. Love to come…my suggesstion is WillStans since they have a big back room for larger crowds…but willing to go anywhere else….

  5. Definitely will be kid friendly!!

  6. If it’s before 4pm I can’t make it as I will be working. Also, keep an eye on the weather for the weekend. Might be getting a little snow but don’t know as of yet. keep checking my blog as I will be posting information as I get it

    Doesn’t look to be real bad but bears watching

  7. I will be there if the weather and my hip cooperate…

  8. oh so there is a party …hmmmmm…maybe i should get alot of us from smyrna to come crash it……

  9. Just saw the time and place…I should be there, maybe without kidlets!

  10. I’m bringing my kids, so y’all don’t worry about bringing kids, they can’t possibly be noisier than mine. :D

  11. Ivy, wanna bet, you haven’t met them yet. We will see if they have sold on Ebay by Sunday…if not, I may bring them!

  12. Wish I could come, but I have tickets to trans sibererian orchestra. Yall have a good time!

    • Chip
      let us know how the concert went….they are the best I have ever heard (on radio /TV) and sure even better in person I’m sure….have fun and enjoy….

  13. I’m in. Sounds like fun!

  14. Looks like weather will be good. maybe a dusting of snow over the weekend but nothing big.

  15. We are not scared of some snow flurries. Unless there is actual accumulation on the roads, I will be there today!

  16. Was cool to meet some of the folks from Lavergne, thanks to Kathy for setting it up always nice to put a face with whom you are interacting with on here. Good food and conversation with no DRAMA and no SHOP talk. Always a good thing.

  17. It was great to meet everyone. Thanks again Kathy!!!

  18. Merry Christmas one and all… (o:<<

  19. I wish I could’ve joined you all, but I can only get out of my house through the back door (no steps) and it was iced over. One broken hip is enough for me right now…don’t need another!

    I feel soooooo old right now!!! :(

    • Bless your heart. I hadn’t heard about your hip, but I noticed you hadn’t posted much lately. Hope you’re up and around soon!

  20. Thank you, Sherry! I’m hobbling along on my crutches…

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