Open Thread: What Do You Want for Christmas?

Steve wants us to stop kicking the dead mule, so let’s try to talk about something new! What do you want for Christmas? What should Steve get for Christmas? Discuss!



13 Responses

  1. I would love for someone else to wrap all the presents this year! Why do I always get stuck with that job!!

    I would love some time to play with my hobbies (sewing and occasionally scrapbooking.) Anybody know where I can buy a couple of hours of quiet time to do that?

    As for Steve, I hope he gets peace and quiet…unless he wants chaos and noise…either way, I hope he gets what he wants.

    What about you Kathy? What do you want?

  2. WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! NOW!!!!!!!!!! Let’s don’t pick on Steve, I have very narrow shoulders and thin skin and I am very simple minded and get my feelings hurt very easy……….Other than that, I just wanna wake up above dirt on Christmas and see about 2 foot of snow.

  3. I would go for some quiet time and opportunity to work on hobbies. I would actually be willing to fore-go anything for Christmas this year to have Waldron road completed, and perhaps a couple of additional lanes on I-24.

    Speaking of Waldron road, does anyone know why the grade is so high in front of Wine & Spirits? Does anyone know what is going up North of the county line along Murfreesboro? Is it apartments?

  4. I would like for Christmas for my family that live here with me to clean up after themselves and not be so sloppy. I’m tired of asking them time after time to “pick up your stuff off the floor, put your dishes in the dishwasher, keep the table clean, etc”. I am not their MAID. That’s not too much to ask for and it doesn’t cost even a penny!!!!!

  5. I would love to have more time and energy in my day, like steve, snow on christmas day would be fabulous, but not 2 feet. That’s a bit much for me. Oh, and world peace.

  6. I want something much easier than what all y’all want. I want cash. The more the better. I’ll be there on Sunday, please bring the green. ;)

  7. I would love all of the above ^ but how sweet it would be to sit home all day in my comfy pjs with no inlaws and no Jerry Springer moments at my mom’s house! Bring on the reindeer poop and coal~its been a long year!

  8. Would love to have all my children here for Christmas at one time.

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