If You Could Name Streets

I know there is no chance of this happening, but here’s what I’m thinking.

So we have streets named after the old TV show Dallas.  We have streets named after baseball players.  We want to attract young urban professionals, families, people who work for a living to our community, right?  What better people than engineers, for example?  What do engineers like to watch on TV?  Star Trek!  So if I could name streets to attract buyers, I’d set up a subdivision called (drumroll, please)…

The Federation

Then use the following street names:

  • Klingon Way
  • Romulan Road
  • Andorian Lane
  • Spock Street
  • Picard Place
  • Kirk Corner
  • Roddenberry Road
  • Majal Court
  • Darmok Drive
  • Tanegra Trail

Oh the possibilities are endless….

What would you name a subdivision and streets?


31 Responses

  1. Ivy Hogan Avenue, of course.

  2. microsoft way,ipod lane,ipad place!

  3. Tyson Way, Hogan highway, Mosley court, Ivy lane, Kathy point, and Senna Trail!

  4. FERGUS RD should be autobahn

  5. fostering ln,

  6. I don’t despise it, but I’m definitely not a Star Trek fan. I wouldn’t buy a house on ANY street named after that goofy series! :)

  7. Cleese Ln.
    Palin Ct.
    Idle Dr.
    Jones St.
    Chapman Way
    Gilliam Circle

  8. Sherry: it was Kathy’s, haha!

  9. Star Wars

    Sith Ave
    Jedi Way
    Emperor Ct
    Yoda St
    Fett Rd

    Zombie Related

    Romero Rd
    Russo Way
    Shambler St
    Walker Ave
    Runner Rd
    Thriller Ct

  10. how about Warp Drive

  11. how about Warp Drive and make the speed limit 8:)

  12. I would name streets by the gazillion names I wanted to
    name children, but didn’t think a gazillion would fit around the
    dinner table…ended up with two!

  13. Smith Street
    Templeton Avenue
    Baracus Way
    Murdock Lane
    Decker Drive

    I pity the fool who don’t like those suggestions. ;)

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