City Hall Wedding

Congratulations to Tenna and Blake Bryant on their marriage yesterday.  Also congratulations to Mayor Senna Mosley for presiding over her first wedding ceremony.  I hope the newlyweds enjoy a long, beautiful, very happy marriage and that any hardships will be faced together with undiminished love.

The mayor invited the newlyweds to have the small cake reception in her office.

Congratulations again to Blake & Tenna!


4 Responses

  1. Like!!!

  2. Great looking couple, congrats and good luck. Where is the robe that other person there suppose have on?

    • Where is it written and/who says that someone HAS to have on a black robe?
      Classy to have a small reception and cake in the mayor’s office. Best of luck to the newlyweds.

  3. I know, it was a joke

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