Possible Snow Coming

The four-letter words kids love … S-N-O-W … and parents love/hate.  Love?  No dragging out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to get the wee ones out the door for school.  Hate?  The wee ones home for another day of chaos!

Love it or hate it, snow may be coming to LaVergne beginning tonight and through the weekend.  I’m hoping our Box 100 friends will chime in and give us the scoop, but here’s what the DNJ says,

The National Weather Service in Nashville is predicting up to one inch of snow for Middle Tennessee, including Rutherford and Cannon Counties. This afternoon and tonight, a fast moving upper level disturbance will move into Middle Tennessee late tonight, bringing a chance for snow.

“As the disturbance moves through the midstate on Friday, snowfall amounts will range from a dusting over the southwest with up to one inch amounts in the Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro and McMinnville areas,” the NWS forecast reads.

Snow. I’m okay with that.


3 Responses

  1. Any bets on when we’ll go back to school? I’m betting we’ll be out a majority of next week

  2. Well this morning looks good. Weather Service is having a conference call about a Sunday-Monday storm that might bring us some more sleet and snow. Also, another small system comes through Tuesday but we will see. I’m headed on a trip to Toledo, Ohio (aka the great white north) tommorrow so glad weather will be good!

  3. Just finished conference call. National Weather Service is thinking 3-5″ by Tuesday starting Sunday night. Of course, this is dependent on storm track.

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