Snow, Y’all

Vice Mayor Chris Farmer told me earlier that the roads are terrible.  Stay home if you can!

Update: City offices (if you don’t already know) are closed today.  From the city, “The Mayor wants everyone to be careful and make it to their destination safely. If you don’t have to be out, please stay at home until the roads are in better condition.”

Update: Photo from Tony V. of city truck that slid off the road. Lesson learned.. stay off the roads unless you have to be on them!

Now… pictures of my fool dogs in the snow.

Libby loves the snow.

You’d think Cocoa did too, except she’s running to get back in.

And from earlier…

My neighborhood is white, but not more than a couple of inches or three.  How did you fare in your part of LaVergne?


13 Responses

  1. Right around the corner from you we have almost four inches. It is beautiful!

  2. It looks like about four inches here.

  3. Does La Vergne have the resources to do any plowing?

  4. We are all cover over here as well in lavergne. I love the white look. Be careful on the roads. We have a couple icey roads over here off of fergus rd. Area

  5. Got about 4-5 inches in Woodland Hills and as hilly as it is around here, nobody’s getting out anytime soon. We’ll be lucky to get a newspaper or even mail today.

    • Finally got our mail at 5:00 (usually arrives around noon). Never did get a newspaper. Oh, well . . . that’s why we have the internet! :)

  6. We have had the plow and salt trucks out since midnight. It was just more than we could keep up with the one plow. The plow malfunctioned for a few hours but is up and running again. We also have the backhoes out scraping. I have been told our streets look better than most other cities at this time. The best thing to do is stay in today. If you leave please do not park your vehicle on the street. This causes difficulty on plow crews and emergency apparatus getting down the streets. Hopefully our crews will make head way soon. The bigger concern will be when it gets dark and this all turns to black ice. Be safe.

  7. No school tomorrow……..imagine that! Think we will have school at all this week????

  8. I left for work at 2 am this morning and seen Mayor Mosley following a salt truck to make sure they were doing it right LOL WTG MAYOR, as for snow LOL I left Lavergne at 245 heading to Huntsville, OMG 31/2 hrs later I was 90 miles down the rd. and at exit 6 on 65 and AL. DOT closed I-65 at line, along with 3 18wheelers jacked knife, huntsville area under state of emer. at 1030 am I was called and told the place I was going to in Huntsville was CLOSED and I brought load back to Lavergne. They had 12 inches there. Biggest snow ever. It was EXCITING!!!!!!!!! Try again tomorrow

    • Bless your heart . . . kind of a wasted day, huh? We have friends in a rural area of Huntsville and they don’t expect to tunnel out for several days.

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