Who Has the Epizooties?

I’ve heard several people talking about being sick – one with the flu, one with bronchitis, one with a general case of the epizooties.  What are the epizooties, you ask?  It’s when you feel like dookie but have no name to assign to your general feeling of blech.   The epizooties.

Another of my favorite words is “Scrummy” – a combination of scrumptious and yummy.

Favorite made-up words?  How are you feeling?  Not much news in LaVergne right now… but no news is good news, right?  :o)


20 Responses

  1. My son’s two favorite words are Ginormous and Hugemongous. I think they both mean really, really, really big!

    Two inches of snow coming our way again tomorrow night. Everyone have their milk, bread and eggs…it is French Toast time again!

  2. Thats what they do with the milk and bread!!! I have always wondered who ate milk sandwiches!

    • Vice Mayor (wow that sounds so formal!),

      I never stock up on eggs, bread and milk. I hit the liquor store (conveniently located 500 feet from my office)! If it snows…who cares!!!

  3. That better??? It is true so formal. No need in it when we aren’t discussing city stuff. Actually my phone had it saved in there. Lol. Now back to the good supplies…….better stock up good on that. Lol

    • I will try now to only address you as His Royal Majesty…how’s that? LOL

      Have you heard how realistic the 2″ prediction is?

  4. I am not seeing where we are going to get any accumulation. Maybe our Box 100 weather people can give us an update on that. I am not a wether person.

  5. Channel 2 (www.nashvillewx.com) has us getting 2 inches starting tomorrow afternoon.

    I know you and Mayor Mosley will be on top of it if it happens! And, we appreciate it!!

  6. Yes ma’am we will. If it snows it will be another sleepless night for me out following salt trucks and checking streets. We have an awesome street department that will be working dilligently to clean the streets if we do get any snow.

  7. And, Chris, we thank you for making sure the streets are an clean as possible — don’t forget about the OLD HOLLANDALE RD. — lots of trees & the snow stays around for awhile!

    • Cee Dee, I live on Hollandale, where is Old Hollandale…just curious.

      • There is only ONE Hollandale Rd. actually — except on the La Vergne City Map — don’t know how they got the “New Hollandale Road” on there — I don’t even know where that is!!! LOL — But I’m referring the the one that runs from Stones River to Fergus . . . Sometimes it doesn’t get cleared as well as some of the others & it is certainly travelled a lot.

    • And Woodland Hills, too, please! They plow the main road into the subdivision, but none of the other streets (most of which have hills).

  8. It appears we are going to get that accumulation. Here is the bad news it appears there is a shortage of salt throughout the area. We do have salt to use but we may not be able to get as many streets covered as the last time. I know our guys will be out working to keep streets clean but I am thinking the main roads and bridges will be addressed first. Please bare with us this time. We have had salt ordered from what I understand it has just not arrived unless it came in this afternoon. Thank You all for your patience.

    • Lovely . . . I’m not blaming you, Chris, but we got neither salt nor a visit from the snow plow fairy last time. Guess we won’t this time either, dang it! :(

  9. Sherry what street do you live on in Woodland Hills maybe we can get a plow that way.

    • That’s okay, Mr. Vice Mayor, but I don’t want any special treatment. We’ll just plan to stay put for a couple of days.

      However, I do have a major gripe. My daughter was scheduled for traffic school at 7:30 last night. I called the clerk’s office at noon to see if it was still going on and they didn’t know yet. Said to call back before they closed at 4:30. I called at 4:15 and they said it was still going to be held. Snow got really heavy, but my daughter thought to call the police department at 6:30 (smart kid) and they told her she had to show up. After slipping/sliding all over the road and having to backtrack and detour after road closures, she got there on time. She walked in, signed her name and was told to go home because the roads were so bad. I was not pleased, to say the least. If she’d gotten in a wreck, I’d have really been upset.

      I know there’s nothing to be done about it now, but I don’t understand why they couldn’t reschedule it when they knew about (and then saw) the bad weather hours ahead of time. A serious lack of planning, in my opinion, which resulted in a complete waste of everybody’s time when no one should have been on the roads. I’m not saying traffic school isn’t important (my kid needs to learn a thing or two), but there’s no absolutely reason it had to be held last night.

      Okay, that’s my rant for the day . . . everybody be safe!

  10. On a side note I can tell you neither the Mayor nor myself had a snow plow or salt on our streets last time either.

  11. My husband just came home from work and said that Lowery and Sam Ridley had not yet been salted but Jefferson Pike had. Way to go La Vergne!

  12. The road are horrible this morning please if you can stay home. Our main roads are ok but all side roads seemd terrible. I spent several hours out last night checking roads and helping some stranded motorist. It was bad then…This morning they seem worse. I would venture to say we are out of salt at this point. My wife drove through Smyrna this morning and said it was worse than La Vergne and Murfreesboro was just wet streets. Everyone be careful!

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