Ch. 4 Cool Schools Comes to LHS

At 8:30 tonight, my 15-year old had already gone to bed … she and her friend are getting their beauty sleep for tomorrow!

From Tonya on Facebook,

Tune into Channel 4 News tomorrow from 5-7am…. Cool Schools will be at LaVergne High School!! Choraliers will be singing 1st thing!! Dont miss it!!

After the crazy hours I’ve kept this week, I expect to be in a deep sleep at 5:00 a.m.  Y’all tell me what I miss!


8 Responses

  1. Thanks Kathy for posting this!!

  2. Mine has to be at LHS at 3:30 a.m. to perform with Choraliers and then do the prom show thing. I already have kids over here to watch movies, eat junk food and play the Wii until they have to be at school. I have no intention of being up at that hour either. That’s why God invented DVRs! :)

  3. Yes Mine have to be there at that time too… and of course we have a house full too!! I will be the half awake driver transporting kiddos to the school at 3:30am!!

    The things we do for our kids!!

  4. Well, that explains the steady stream of cars on Chaney at 3:30 this morning.

  5. I saw this story at 6:00 PM tonight on Channel 4….nice story for LAV HS…they might show it again at 10:00 tonight but not sure of that….

  6. Not trying to start a “stink”, but did any one else hear about the “Team Daniels” shirts that were supposedly worn?

  7. Then email me the poop, Sherry!!! Curious minds and all, ya know?

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