Good Morning, LaVergne!

While we all have long anticipated warm weather, the downside to the extreme change from last week has created sickness in my household!  I was so looking forward to the warm front that we currently are experiencing, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the time to enjoy it.   The weather has brought on illness that has confined me to home, both of my kids have been sick this week and I’m also feeling a bit under the weather.

So is anyone else stuck at home this week with sickness in your household, I’m hoping that everyone is healthy and free from the terrible germs that are lingering in the air.


5 Responses

  1. Our entire family had the flu last week, including the 6 month old. :-(

    My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher (LLE) said that only 12 out of 17 kids were in school on Tuesday. It’s everywhere!

    • Sorry to hear this, I hope that everyone is better this week.

      My kids are teenagers, I know it’s more to difficult to have a sick baby.

  2. My little guy had strep this week and my big guy (a big whiney butt if you ask me! LOL) has the flu. The princess and I went around yesterday opening all the windows and killing the germs with Lysol. She kept waving her fairy wand yelling “no more germies!!”

  3. We seem to be just a touch fluish here. We all had our shots this year so maybe that’s why it’s so mild. I’m bummed I haven’t been been able to go to the YMCA to work out this week, but I don’t want to expose the other kids in child care there to my little one’s cooties. We have been able to go outside and play, though.

  4. My grandson had the “swine flu” about a month ago and I’m just getting over bronchitis myself. And hopefully we will all stay healthy for a long time. Get well wishes to everyone who is sick. Take care.

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