New Site: Go There!

Dear TiLaV-ers,

This is Ivy, posting from Kathy’s account. The new self-hosted site is now up. Please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds to the new site at Not all the links are up yet, so keep that in mind when you go to view the new site. We’re still working on the small details.

Additionally, because this site’s export file was too big to import into the new site, the site’s archives only go back to January 2010. This site will stay up as long as WordPress will allow it, so if you need to look something up in the archives, come on back here. New content will be posted at the new site only.

Much love to (almost) all of ya,



Boom Boom POW

Three things…

  • Fourth of July celebration this summer.
  • 3-day Old Timer’s Day Festival.
  • Night-time Christmas Parade!