New Site: Go There!

Dear TiLaV-ers,

This is Ivy, posting from Kathy’s account. The new self-hosted site is now up. Please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds to the new site at Not all the links are up yet, so keep that in mind when you go to view the new site. We’re still working on the small details.

Additionally, because this site’s export file was too big to import into the new site, the site’s archives only go back to January 2010. This site will stay up as long as WordPress will allow it, so if you need to look something up in the archives, come on back here. New content will be posted at the new site only.

Much love to (almost) all of ya,



2 Responses

  1. Lavergne water increase is up 60%, sewer up 40%, electric up 20%, double on property tax. All this happening this year. I can’t afford to live here. This is costing at least 1500 or more extra every year. This increase also doesn’t include gas or grocery increase. The only thing that isn’t going up is my salary. My Family would have never moved to Lavergne in 08, if i would have known this was going to happen. What’s sad is there is nothing i can do about it. I really have to consider moving to a different county.

  2. Just seen three thug looking boys, up to no good, hanging out at the end of Blakemoore Dr, here in Lavergne. Just before calling the police to report suspicious activity, two un-marked police cars pulled up on the boys. After the police question them, they hand cuffed one of the boys and let the other two on there way. I just want to say, thank you Lavergne police department for keeping our neighborhood safe. Great job!

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