La Vergne, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee (and probably in the Southeastern United States). A few short years ago, the population was approximately 9,000. Today, there are more than 25,000 residents who call La Vergne “home” and it continues to grow. This blog is dedicated to keeping our community updated on current events, and serves as a guide for restaurants, entertainment, schools, and more. Welcome to La Vergne!


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  1. Does anyone know why the city “Finance Director” left so abruptly?

  2. We just added the Bible Theme Park Poll question to our community page and have a list of community issues on our Smyrna/lavergne Polls @ http://www.midtnautos.com/Online_Polls.html

    Would like to more opinions from Lavergne and North Rutherford County residents rather than M’Boro folks. If you know of a question that should be asked feeel free to email me & I will try and put in on.

    thank you
    Mike Sparks
    Rutherford County Commissioner

  3. Are there any good/reputable auto maintenance shops in La Vergne?

  4. I go to Accurate Automotive which specializes in Honda and Toyota (any Japanese car).

  5. Mike,
    Where’s that Bible Park Poll? All I found at your site was a banner with a link to the Bible Park’s home page. Is that what you mean you have? Just an advertisement, a promotion, of the Bible Park, or do you actually have an unbiased Poll asking if Rutherford County residents actually want this thing in their back yards?

  6. Does LaVergne have a recycling program?

  7. Any idea what was happening Saturday night May 17th 2008 at the corner of Stones River and Lake Forest Drive? A lot of police and emergency vehicles lined the roadway as a large helicopter landed in the open field there. I was waved on by and had to go to Forest Ridge Dr. to enter the subdivision.

  8. Just wondering how a city like LaVergne can afford so many new police cars … what’s going on there? I know they write tickets for everything from speeding to looking like you’re going to sneeze in their direction, but honestly … Shouldn’t that money be spent on better things for the town/community?

  9. The money used for the police cars is money they collected on drug busts and the selling of autos and other items used in those drug busts.
    To many who may not know this, pulling people over for various reasons is what is helping keep drug dealers and unwanted trouble makers off the streets. It’s what is helping our community keep up on the gang related issues that plague our neighborhoods. Does anyone have a clue as to how many cars pulled over a month contain drugs, guns and people who are wanted? It keeps our children and loved ones safer by keeping drunk drivers off the roads too.
    Perhaps going to the next CPA classes will give you some good idea as to the whys, whens, wheres and whats. I, at one time, felt the same as you James, until I went to one of those classes. Or go to a few of the city council meetings. You’ll see and hear a lot of what people in our community have no idea about. It could shake up some things around here that’s for sure. I hope this helps answer your question, which, after all, is one that lots of people ask.

  10. The ticketing seems excessive to me. I’ve lived in La Vergne for about 12 years and they keep lowering the speed limits (Like on Industrial Drive along side I-24) to speeds that are almost impossible to maintain with all the hills and most cruise controls cannot be set that low (30MPH). I know that much growth has occurred since then, but on the same road on Smyrna closer to the new shoping center, the speed limit is higher and rarely patrolled.

  11. I actually went to court to fight a parking ticket I got in LFE. I lost so I ended up shelling out the $5. I did get pulled over once, but the officer seemed like he was in a hurry to get somewhere else (drug bust I hope). SO I gave him my license and insurance, he asked if I had gotten any other tickets in the past year (no), and then let me go.

    I agree that industrial Blvd and some of the other streets should have their speed limits increased. If I ever became Govenor I would write a law that said any fines collected for speeding tickets had to be sent to the legislature, and then would be redistributed each year to municipalities on a per capita basis. The problem as I see it is the Polic Department is currently forced to do 2 things – raise revenues and protect us. I would like to take the revenue part out of the equation. Their only focus should be to serve and protect.

  12. Any idea what was happening last night (monday) at the stoplight next to Lowes on Sam Ridley?
    Dunno if it were a bad accident or a sobriety checkpoint, there were a lot of flashing lights parked there.

  13. I noticed today that the posts on this site’s Bulletin Board and Home Marketplace are oldest first. The most recent posts are located at the very bottom of a long scroll down. Can this be reversed, so that the newest posts are at the top of each page?

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