About BadBadIvy

I’m Ivy, a 31 year old professional blogger and mom of three kids. I’ve lived in the city of La Vergne since 2002. You’ll notice I don’t post a whole lot, but when I do post, it’s usually dramatic. That’s just how I roll.

Send love mail, hate mail, or otherwise to me at ivy [at] badbadivy [dot] com!


4 Responses

  1. Dear BadBadIvy

    Hi my name is Theresa S. and I live in NYC And I am looking for a job. I am willing to relocate as soon as possible.I was wondering if you could keep me posted or anyone that you know in Lavergne who could give me a job. My email is truepersonoflight@yahoo.com
    Please let me know thank you.
    Thank you for your Time,
    Theresa S.

  2. Ivy, I would love to treat you to lunch! Call me!

  3. Ivy –

    Had a blast meeting you. Let’s get together again soon!


    P.S. If you can address that ### situation, I would very much appreciate it! I can’t do it from my side. ;)

  4. Hey Lady!!!

    Time for lunch again or a Zoo-fari…

    Cricket :)

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