About Chip Talks

Hello Ya’ll! I am suppose to put something up here about myself.  However, it is easier to talk about someone else, but here goes:

Born in the city of Talladega, Alabama (Raceville USA).  I graduated from Oxford High School in 1993 where I worked at Hardees as an assistant manager for almost six years.  Once I left the restaurant business, I got my commercial drivers license and drove an eighteen wheeler for about 4 weeks.

After that experience, I knew I didn’t want to travel that often and I moved to Tennessee where my aunt convinced me to drive a school bus.

I’ve been driving now for about 8 years.  My bus route has always been in the city of La Vergne.  I have seen the biggest subdivision GROW!  It was once only my bus that traveled to the Lake Forest area for the high schoolers.  Now there are about 5 buses that travel this direction transporting high school students.

I enjoy living in La Vergne, do not always agree with the way things are done(who does?) and I do voice my opinion about it.

You can expect to hear outrage, contempt and complements from me about anything here at This is La Vergne, TN blog.

I am a brother, a friend, a listener, as well as a jokester.

I Like fried eggs with lots of bacon on the side.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Chip — Just reading your blog and I see your from Talladega, AL. I have family there, my mother was born there and I still have aunts and such there. (Linbaugh, Cromer, Campbell)

  2. Hi my name is Theresa S. and I live in NYC And I am looking for a job. I am willing to relocate as soon as possible.I was wondering if you could keep me posted or anyone that you know in Lavergne who could give me a job. My email is truepersonoflight@yahoo.com
    Please let me know thank you.
    Thank you for your Time,
    Theresa S.

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