Some City Meetings FYI

There’s so much excitement in City Hall right now!  If you want to get an inkling about why the city is abuzzzzzz …

Come to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen Workshop scheduled on Thursday (that’s February 24th) at 5:00 p.m. to hear some of the ideas being bandied around. Here’s a link to the formal agenda (and I hope the link works).

The actual Board meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 p.m. That’s the one where the items discussed on Thursday are formally voted upon.

Please come to one or both!

In other news … LaVergne now has an official Facebook page.  And Twitter account!  I named it LaVergne37086 (like Beverly Hills 90210, only not).  JUST started so not a lot on them yet … we’ll get there.

So how is everyone?


New Faces Coming to City Hall

Don’t Worry if Your Job Is Small
by Anonymous

Don’t worry if your job is small,
And your rewards are few.
Remember that the mighty oak,
Was once a nut like you.

The deadline has been extended on one big job at City Hall and another is opening.  If you’re qualified, you now have another week to apply for City Administrator of LaVergne.

There has been much discussion on the one prerequisite of “living where you work” for this position.  While I personally understand that it could limit the number of applicants, I still believe having the person live here is a good thing.  That way you have a personally vested interest in making sure the city is wonderful.  Can’t park in the streets?  Neither can you.  Raise taxes?  You pay, too.  Poor workmanship? That’s your tax dollars, too.  Need a neighborhood park for the children to play in?  They’d benefit your kids, too.  If someone is that much against living here, then I don’t want them to make decisions on behalf of me and my family.

In other news, the city will also soon be seeking someone for public relations.  According to the DNJ,

While a position has yet to be posted, [Fred] Gaston said he is working on a job description for a public relations director who would field calls from the media and write news releases and marketing materials, but also advise the mayor, aldermen and other La Vergne officials in proper ways to work with the media, among other duties.

From TiLaV, our sincere thanks to Angie Mayes for her years of service to LaVergne.  She helped to coordinate many very nice events – from Oldtimers’ Day to National Night Out.  Angie was also an extraordinary photographer for the city, capturing wonder in a child’s eye, excitement, and historical moments.

These next few weeks in LaVergne are going to be pivotal to the future of the city … my prayers are with our elected officials at this time to make the right decisions.  They need our support right now more than ever.

Poem from the Poetry Foundation.

Some City Updates

Before we begin, I just want to tell you that the potato soup really *was* good despite what (rhymes with) Heave-Ho said.

The biggest news happening right now in LaVergne is that a search is underway for a new city administrator. Click here to read the job description and information about applying. You have until January 8th to apply. Here is a GREAT change in one of the position requirements: Must currently live in the City of La Vergne or must be willing to move to the City of LaVergne within 6 months of accepting the position. I really like that the person who is making the decisions that will impact this town has to live with these decisions by living in this town. Wise.

The next isn’t nearly as exciting, but worth mentioning… the city has set up drop boxes to pay water bill, taxes, court fees, and traffic tickets 24-hours a day. The water drop box is still located at the regular water payment drive-thru. The other payments (tax, court, traffic) can be left in a drop box at the BACK DOOR of City Hall. Make sure you indicate any vital information like name, address, and “if applicable account number or ticket number with any payments so that they can be applied to the appropriate account.”

Also on the city page,

The LaVergne Public Works Department will be accepting live Christmas trees through January 21st, 2011. All decorations, tinsel, garlands, lights, etc. must be removed from the trees before dropping them off. Trees may be dropped off at the Public Works Building located at 148 International Blvd. Signs will be posted as to where to leave the trees.

My tree has been undecorated and dropped in the attic. Some ornaments were harmed in the process.

Liveblogging: Special Meeting

UPDATE to add DNJ article link:  LaVergne OKs severance deal.

Am Liveblogging this special called meeting. Half full room so far. Just called to order…

Sorry, my phone would not cooperate so here’s an update on what happened…

A motion was made and seconded to accept option 1 which provided a 3 month separation and release package for Mark Moshea.  After lengthy discussion, Mayor Mosley, Alderman Farmer, and Alderman Broeker voted Yes to accept the package.  Alderman Green and Alderman Waldron voted No.  The motion was passed.

Mayor Mosley said that since option 1 was accepted she motioned to deny option 2.  Alderman Farmer seconded.  After discussion, Mayor Mosley, Alderman Farmer, Alderman Green, and Alderman Broeker voted Yes to deny option 2.  Alderman Waldron voted No.  The motion was passed.

The third item for discussion was for appointing an interim City Administrator.  Mayor Mosley nominated City Recorder Bruce Richardson and at least three Aldermen seconded.  After many positive comments regarding Mr Richardson’s work the measure was unanimously accepted.

Special Meeting Called

The Mayor has called a special meeting for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, according to the city web page (under City Records, then Public Records).  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14th at 3:00 p.m.

To see the agenda, click here.

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Good or Bad: Make a Call

In the early days of our website, I was chided by a city worker about how easy it was to pick up the phone and talk to the Mayor and Aldermen about concerns.  Perhaps it is time to make that happen… pick up the phone LaVergne and tell our elected officials how you feel about last night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

Mayor Senna Mosley
(615) 405-1571

Vice Mayor Chris Farmer
(615) 566-5517

Alderman Tom Broeker
(615) 207-8030

Alderman Sherry Green
(615) 793-6982

Alderman Dennis Waldron
(615) 397-7027

Regarding Resignation Package

UPDATE:  DNJ Editorial Re: Resignation

In a period of heavy growth, Moshea’s 11-year resume, first as city engineer and then as city administrator, is not marked with great achievements. Ultimately, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen must be held accountable for the person in that leadership post, and it also failed to do its job.

And they failed again.  In a most epic way.


The motion has been made and seconded regarding the acceptance of the resignation of Mark Moshea. Aldermen have expressed concern over his departure pay not being enough and three members voted no. They felt he was not being paid enough after his years of service. In a 3-2 vote, the separation package was not accepted.