Petey Wants a Lemon Cookie

On Sunday, an interesting call came in to the city.  A lost parrot was sitting in a tree.  The tropical bird had been loose for three days in some bone-chilling winter temperatures, so it needed help.  LaVergne police officer J.B. Kilmon was dispatched to the scene and soon Vice Mayor Chris Farmer and Nashville firefighter Ronnie Mosley (the mayor’s husband) joined him.  And then a tree service came to help.

There was blood.

During the efforts to capture the elusive bird, both Mosley and Farmer were injured.   However, even after the bird drew first blood in the fracas (name him Rambo, I say!), he found a champion in the vice mayor.  He and his wife took the green-feathered military macaw – a breed that is usually even tempered, but can also be difficult and cranky – to the veterinarian.  The poor thing need some TLC after its trauma and who better than an EMT?

After neighbors investigated, they found Petey’s owner.  She had already planned to give the 10-year old up for adoption, so graciously said the vice mayor could keep him.

So what do we know about Petey Farmer?  His favorite snack is a lemon cookie (where he eats the filling first).  He loves hot showers and then being blow-dried.  He does know some dirty words.  He loves dogs.  And he will try not to bite his Papa anymore.

Congratulations to the Farmer household on heir newest addition!


New Faces Coming to City Hall

Don’t Worry if Your Job Is Small
by Anonymous

Don’t worry if your job is small,
And your rewards are few.
Remember that the mighty oak,
Was once a nut like you.

The deadline has been extended on one big job at City Hall and another is opening.  If you’re qualified, you now have another week to apply for City Administrator of LaVergne.

There has been much discussion on the one prerequisite of “living where you work” for this position.  While I personally understand that it could limit the number of applicants, I still believe having the person live here is a good thing.  That way you have a personally vested interest in making sure the city is wonderful.  Can’t park in the streets?  Neither can you.  Raise taxes?  You pay, too.  Poor workmanship? That’s your tax dollars, too.  Need a neighborhood park for the children to play in?  They’d benefit your kids, too.  If someone is that much against living here, then I don’t want them to make decisions on behalf of me and my family.

In other news, the city will also soon be seeking someone for public relations.  According to the DNJ,

While a position has yet to be posted, [Fred] Gaston said he is working on a job description for a public relations director who would field calls from the media and write news releases and marketing materials, but also advise the mayor, aldermen and other La Vergne officials in proper ways to work with the media, among other duties.

From TiLaV, our sincere thanks to Angie Mayes for her years of service to LaVergne.  She helped to coordinate many very nice events – from Oldtimers’ Day to National Night Out.  Angie was also an extraordinary photographer for the city, capturing wonder in a child’s eye, excitement, and historical moments.

These next few weeks in LaVergne are going to be pivotal to the future of the city … my prayers are with our elected officials at this time to make the right decisions.  They need our support right now more than ever.

Poem from the Poetry Foundation.

City Hall Wedding

Congratulations to Tenna and Blake Bryant on their marriage yesterday.  Also congratulations to Mayor Senna Mosley for presiding over her first wedding ceremony.  I hope the newlyweds enjoy a long, beautiful, very happy marriage and that any hardships will be faced together with undiminished love.

The mayor invited the newlyweds to have the small cake reception in her office.

Congratulations again to Blake & Tenna!

Liveblogging: Special Meeting

UPDATE to add DNJ article link:  LaVergne OKs severance deal.

Am Liveblogging this special called meeting. Half full room so far. Just called to order…

Sorry, my phone would not cooperate so here’s an update on what happened…

A motion was made and seconded to accept option 1 which provided a 3 month separation and release package for Mark Moshea.  After lengthy discussion, Mayor Mosley, Alderman Farmer, and Alderman Broeker voted Yes to accept the package.  Alderman Green and Alderman Waldron voted No.  The motion was passed.

Mayor Mosley said that since option 1 was accepted she motioned to deny option 2.  Alderman Farmer seconded.  After discussion, Mayor Mosley, Alderman Farmer, Alderman Green, and Alderman Broeker voted Yes to deny option 2.  Alderman Waldron voted No.  The motion was passed.

The third item for discussion was for appointing an interim City Administrator.  Mayor Mosley nominated City Recorder Bruce Richardson and at least three Aldermen seconded.  After many positive comments regarding Mr Richardson’s work the measure was unanimously accepted.

Special Meeting Called

The Mayor has called a special meeting for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, according to the city web page (under City Records, then Public Records).  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14th at 3:00 p.m.

To see the agenda, click here.

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Good or Bad: Make a Call

In the early days of our website, I was chided by a city worker about how easy it was to pick up the phone and talk to the Mayor and Aldermen about concerns.  Perhaps it is time to make that happen… pick up the phone LaVergne and tell our elected officials how you feel about last night’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

Mayor Senna Mosley
(615) 405-1571

Vice Mayor Chris Farmer
(615) 566-5517

Alderman Tom Broeker
(615) 207-8030

Alderman Sherry Green
(615) 793-6982

Alderman Dennis Waldron
(615) 397-7027

Q&A with the Mayor

Mayor Senna Mosley was interviewed by the DNJ and talked about her goals for LaVergne in the coming years.

Q: Talk a little about the importance of staying in contact with residents while holding public office.

A: It’s absolutely vital. If something needs fixing, we can’t fix it unless we know there is a problem. I’m in the office daily at city hall now unless we have a meeting that day.

It’s a little harder to be in contact with everyone. I have two cell phones, a radio, office phone and home phone and two e-mail accounts. I check them all every day, but I have to ask the citizens to be patient with me. Being in communication with the citizens has been my platform since I’ve been in politics. Staying in touch with citizens is my job. If you forget who you work for, you’re of no use.

More questions! More answers!  Go read what our mayor is saying!