If You’re Going, Take Some Pictures!

If you plan to attend tonight’s Swearing-In Ceremony where our newly elected Mayor and Aldermen take the oath of office, please bring your camera.  I suspect the meeting room at City Hall will be filled to capacity overflowing.   As a result, it may be hard to take photos to share later… if a lot of people bring cameras, then hopefully we’ll get enough reader pictures to share a photo essay.

The LHS Choraliers will be there and a student from LaVergne Middle will lead the pledge.  Also participating is a student each from LaVergne Primary, LaVergne Lake, Roy Waldron, Rock Springs, and Cedar Grove elementary schools.  A little birdie told me we’ll see our men in blue really shine tonight, as well.

While it’s not a gimme until the vote, I’m also excited for Mr. Tom Broeker.  It is expected that he will be elected by the Board to fill the unexpired term of Mayor-to-be Mosley since he was the third highest vote getter on November 2nd.

More photos to come later… I hope!


Where There is Hope

The elections have captivated TiLaV readers for several weeks now.  Yesterday we had our all time biggest day of web traffic topping 2500 pings… I knew our own mini poll would not be an accurate measure of how the votes finally went because – clearly – where there are 30,000 residents (ish) in this city and we have 2500 readers… well you can do the math.

I sat yesterday at the Roy Waldron Elementary School precinct.  Voters came out of there stone-faced.  We’d get an occasional wave and thumbs up, but mostly people looked straight ahead as they left.  I made a call every few hours to see if the voters leaving the other polling places seemed more receptive toward our candidate… they were.  I was in the middle of the hive of support for the person who did not get my vote.

The experience of working at a poll (to support candidates, not as a poll worker) was unforgettable.  There is a camaraderie with other volunteers  and the candidates were mostly good to each other.  Alderman Dennis Waldron drove through several times asking everyone if they needed anything.   He offered his services to everyone, nicely hedging his bets with whomever won and genuinely showing care and concern for the people who worked the 12-hour day.   Another candidate continued to give it all, but his campaign methods – at best – raised eyebrows.  Other candidates were stoic.  They were nervous.  They were excited.  All seemed genuinely wired… almost pacing with adrenalin.

In the end, our poll here picked some but was not at all 100 percent accurate.  We got our pick for Mayor… Senna Mosley will be sworn in on November 18th.  Newcomer Chris Farmer was another of our picks and he rode the tide to victory.  Incumbent Sherry Green rolled over her challengers and won big… she was the one our poll did not pick, but she silenced her detractors with a very strong victory.

Hope remains for one candidate to still serve now that Ms. Mosley’s seat will become vacant.  I expect it will be the third biggest vote-getter – Tom Broeker – to be appointed to the board by the Board.  It makes sense because the people of LaVergne have just voted and he received plenty of votes.  I think if he does take that seat on the Board, his role will be one of the most important… he will be the swing vote between old LaVergne and new LaVergne. I talked with him at length yesterday and I believe his professionalism will bode well for our city should he take that seat.

Mayor-Elect Mosley said this morning, “I would love to see the third place finisher, Mr. Broeker, be appointed to my former seat as Alderman because the people have spoken and his numbers were high.  I will be meeting with the city attorney today to make sure that this process is above-board and transparent to the people of LaVergne.”

This story is still developing and more information will come later.

Meanwhile, here are some very unashamedly biased pictures from yesterday.

LaVergne Chooses New Mayor

In an historic election for the city, LaVergne citizens today voted on who will lead them and represent them in the city.

From the Rutherford County Election Commission, here are the official results (and our congratulations):


Ronnie Erwin  1777
Senna Mosley  2364
Mike Slinker  1606
Write-In   11


Tom Broeker  1642
Chris Farmer  1915
David Gammon  1555
Sherry Green 2517
Kandy Pierce  1131
Teresa Bess Smith  422
Earl Wilson  377
Write In (Total)  36

One interesting thing to note is that as Ms. Mosley is now Mayor-Elect, her seat as Alderman will now become vacant.  The question that begs to be answered is:  Will there be a special election to fill the seat.  This seems like a waste of taxpayer money since the elections were just held.  Therefore, will the seat go to the third highest vote-getter?

The new mayor and board members will be sworn in on November 18th.  It will surely be an interesting agenda the city will now be looking at under a new administration.  Talking with Mayor-Elect Mosley, I think accountability and transparency are going to be the cornerstones of her administration.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all the candidates for their hard work these last few months.  Many thanks to Mayor Ronnie Erwin for his service through the years, as well as Vice Mayor Jerry Gann who did not seek re-election.

Make Today Count – VOTE

This is November 2, 2010. For over four years now, this site has been bringing you news and information for and about LaVergne.  We’ve had good times, we’ve had hard times, and – perhaps most importantly – we’ve heard from readers through comments and discussions.  People love LaVergne. People are angry with LaVergne.  People in LaVergne are happy.  People in LaVergne are concerned.  Residents want change.  Residents do not want change.  Some want beautification. Some think changing our tax rate could cause undue financial stress on residents and business owners.  We want more retail.  We want less auto parts stores.  We want fair billing over city services.  City services are just fine.

The point is this…

Today is perhaps one of the most important days in the history of this town in deciding what our future holds. Are we complacent and like things just how they are?  You’ll have the opportunity to say yes or no.  Are you ready for change?  Do you want to see the city take a bold step into the future?  Again, you’ll have the opportunity to say yes or no.

Your vote counts today.  Your vote can mean business as usual or brave new world for our city.  The choice is yours.

Want to know where to vote?


I don’t know where your district is, exactly.  If you are also unclear, you may call the Rutherford County Election Commission at 898-7743 and give them your address to learn where to go.  I already voted, but will be at one of the polls campaigning for my favorite candidates.  The polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close tonight at 7:00 p.m.

Do your part for LaVergne.


Who Has Your Vote?

In a completely unscientific and voluntary poll, let’s play with some numbers here.  Who did you vote for or who will you you vote for?

Select one

Select two

The INFORMAL poll is open only until I get home tomorrow evening.  Results are being shown in percentages rather than total number of votes.

Now isn’t this anticipation much better than some slow moving ketchup?

Campaign Finance Disclosure, Period Ending 10-23-10

The title says it all, right?  Linked are the campaign finance disclosures from the candidates seeking election in LaVergne.  The beginning date of the reporting period is October 1st and the ending date is October 23rd.  I have also attached Earl Wilson’s from the last reporting period.  Teresa Bess Smith’s disclosure from the last and current reporting period are also attached in one file document.

Peruse away….

Mayor’s Race (in alphabetical order)

Ronnie Erwin-Disclosure-10-10

Senna Mosley-Disclosure-10-10

Mike Slinker-Disclosure-10-10

Aldermen’s Race (in alphabetical order)

Tom Broeker-Disclosure-10-10

Chris Farmer-Disclosure-10-10

David Gammon-Disclosure-10-10

Sherry Green-Disclosure-10-10

Katherine “Kandy” Pierce-Disclosure-10-10

Teresa Bess Smith-Disclosure-9-10 & 10-10

Earl Wilson – Disclosure-9-10

Need Something to do on Saturday?

Get in line if you want to join the “Autumn is my favorite time of the year club”… We finally have relief from the hot summer weather, the mosquitoes have gone into hibernation (we hope), and the smell of leaves is wonderful.  Fall is definitely a good time to get out and get some fresh air!  If you’re from LaVergne, we also have plenty of activities for you this weekend!

On Saturday

9:00 a.m. Community Clean-Up
Location is the old road bed along Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp off of Stones River Road. Registration starts at 9:00 a.m. and the clean-up is at 9:30am.  A hot dog lunch will be provided.  Remember to dress down!  Wear appropriate clothing to clean trash. Bags and gloves will be provided.

2:00 – 4:00 p.m.   Trail of Treats
Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and come to Veterans Memorial Park.  50 local businesses, vendors, churches, etc. will be there to hand out candy to children.  WE WILL BE THERE, TOO!  My thanks to the readers of thisislavergne.com who have provided candy and/or helped pay for candy.  I need to make some signs now!

3:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Free Bean Dinner
A bean dinner will be served at Jerry Butler’s Realty office, located next to SunTrust Bank on 5068 Murf. Road. Beans, soups and cornbread will be served, but attendees are encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy or donation for Lt. Cindy Murphy’s toy drive for the children.  LPD usually services around 150 families at Christmas.

If you’re from Smyrna or love bowling, here’s something for you from the Smyrna Bowling Center,

Grand re-opening of “This End” is now set for Oct 30th from 11am till 6pm and everyone that comes in that day will recieve one free game and shoes. I am also planning to have many things set up outside in the parking lot for everyone to do and enjoy. I have the Smyrna fire dept smokehouse, the Nation guard rock climbing wall, art booth by Ron Knight, id kits from D.A.R.E., Chris’ gifts and much more coming to this event. Please mark your calendars now to stop. Bring the young ones and they will get bowl in costume their one free game!

And if you’re from Murfreesboro, here’s something for you…

7:00 a.m. – ??  Yard Sale
2281 Oak Hill Drive, Murfreesboro, Tn.
Northfield to Left on Lascassas Hwy, 1/4 mile to left into Village of Garrison Cove (Aberdeen Dr.) first driveway on the left.

On Sunday

TRICK OR TREAT for LaVergne! Time is usually when it turns dark until 8:00’ish p.m.  Remember, only go to houses with porch lights on.  Parents, check the candy before kids eat it!

And other stuff

Finally, the city is trying to get an idea about how many will attend the swearing-in ceremony of the mayor and aldermen on November 18th.  The room holds 150 people, so they are trying to get an idea if the space will be big enough.  Click here to let the city know yea or nay.

Also, I will be heading back to the Rutherford County Election Commission tomorrow to pick up the latest required campaign finance disclosures.  I hope to have them scanned and posted by this time tomorrow, if possible.  Am very hopeful that some will be more forthcoming than they were the last round.  And that’s all I’m saying about that…