Photos for Ashley

About a year ago, LHS student Ashley Scott learned she had cancer.  From the website Hope, Faith & Photos for a Cure we learn more,

Last April of 2010, Ashley injured herself during a softball game and what the doctors thought was to be a sports related injury turned out to be more. She knew something was not right and after further persistence and biopsy, a tumor was found and she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma Stage 4 Cancer.

Life changed in an instant.  It was hard. Hard for her to comprehend and lose many things she loved like softball and her hair.

Photographer Carla Lynn designed Hope, Faith & Photos for a Cure as a fundraiser for Ashley.  On Sunday, February 27th from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m., top photographers from across the area are gathering for a photo shoot.  Admission is $10 p/person (all going to Ashley Scott) and all proceeds from photos ordered online via Pictage also go to Ashley.

As a community, we need to rally around this fundraising effort.  If you have a child, go have their photo made.  If you are newly engaged or need a family portrait done, do it here.  If you need a professional photo taken, this is a great opportunity.  And it’s for a really good cause.

Here’s more information,

When you come to the Marathan Village (the red tall short bldg located at 1305 Clinton Street, Nashville) we will be set up on the 3rd floor and the stairs will be straight across. As you come in- there will be Registration tables set up, where you will pay your admission of $10 a person and also complete a form that asks of your contact info, email address and consent for use of any images for media/web publications.

Here’s a map to Marathan Village via Google Maps (the link takes you to the map where you can zoom in/out):

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this event.  I will try to post more about it as the photo shoot gets closer.

Photo by Carla Lynn of Carla Lynn Photography.


Make Christmas a Charitable Time

With Christmas just days away, this is a good time to reflect on its true meaning and to practice random acts of kindness.  How can you do this?

  1. Go through your pantry and find some canned or other non-perishable items to donate.  While it might seem that you already do this, this time give items that aren’t gross.  Give green beans, corn, stuffing mix, chili beans, mac & cheese, rice, asparagus, and pasta rather than canned artichokes, sardines, and the jars of baby corn on the cob and pigs feet. Bring the items to our local food pantry.
  2. See the car behind you in line at McDonald’s?  Looks a little beat up?  Pay for their meal, too.
  3. See the service people working at the fast food restaurants, in retail, at the gas station?  Give them a tip every now and then.  You’ll probably not miss your dollar, but it could turn a bad day into something good for them.  I work a lot at Bridgestone Arena raising money for Girl Scouts and let me tell you it’s shocking who does NOT tip…
  4. Visit Modest and see how your $5, $10, $20 or more donation can directly help someone in need. If you worry your money won’t make a difference, this organization tells you exactly who you’re helping.
  5. Hand write a letter or card to someone who wouldn’t expect it… your Mom? Dad? Grandparents?  Someone in a nursing home, a widow, a single woman or man who might be lonely. No one takes the time to write letters anymore and getting mail from someone who cares could mean everything to them.
  6. Look someone in the eye and sincerely ask, “How are you?”  Then listen to them… genuinely care about what they say.
  7. Get a handful of nickels, dimes and quarters and drop them somewhere where you know kids play or hang out.

What are you ideas for performing random acts of kindness, LaVergne?

Dear So and So

My new favorite way to post!


Dear DNJ,

Last year you printed the winners of the Ruthies Awards online.  This year… nothing?  Is this just a way to sell more paper products?

What’s the Deal??


Dear Daylight Savings Time,

The early darkness…. it makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

I Must Need More Vitamins or Something


Dear Golden Corral,

We want you to come to LaVergne.  Please hurry.

Everybody Loves Buffets


Dear Ryan’s Steakhouse,

We’d take you instead … so get on it before Golden Corral has a chance!

Don’t Serve Any Brussel Sprouts, Though


Dear Readers,

We would really like to find more volunteer writers.  I would promise that we don’t bite, but actually sometimes we do.  But don’t let that keep you away!  If you’ve ever dreamed of padding your resume (aka “Featured Writer for This is”) or if you happen to live here, are coherent, and like writing… this gig could be good for you and good for us!  We don’t pay anything but that’s because we don’t make anything.

Won’t You Please Think About It,
Kathy T.

Contacting Animal Control

First, thanks to the many kind words today from people passing by our table at the Trail of Treats (some photos to follow).  One person asked if the city has any animal control officers and I promised to link some contact info tonight.

Rutherford County Pet Adoption & Welfare Services

If there is immediate danger, you may call 911 (emergencies only).

If you have been bitten by a neighborhood dog, but the pooch isn’t tearing your throat out, you may call the local police to file a report.  The dog will likely be quarantined even if shots are up to date.  To reach local police – the non-emergency number…

Finally, thank you again to the kind souls who donated candy or money for our table today.  Happy Halloween!

Link Love…

Did you know our Box 100 team has a Box Weather web site?  They offer weather classes, along with really helpful updates on weather facts.  It’s a pretty sweet site that Richard Long is running.

Boy Scout Pack 340 of LaVergne is currently accepting new members. The troop is family oriented, so this is a great organization in which to get involved!  Contact Brian McCord for more info at bmccord (at) comcast (dot) net or visit their website for more information.

Central TN Raceway right here in LaVergne!  Rick Crutchfield recently wrote on our Bulletin Board about the opening of this business.  Two points 1) I don’t understand it but it looks cool, and 2) I’ll bet boy scouts would LOVE it.  Because of point one, we’ll let Rick do the talking from his comment,

Start Your Engines! The New Central TN Raceway, 208 Old Nashville Hwy, Lavergne, a Family Slotcar Center with an Engleman track its an 160-foot-long, eight-lane slot car track called The Black Snake. A Slot car Track is like a little two-lane plastic track you had when you were a kid with a hand held controller; just supersized to a 160-foot-long, eight-lane slot car computerized track. Slot cars can be a fun bonding experience for parents and children, especially with eight cars on the track. When considering where to hold your next party event, check out Central TN Raceway in Lavergne offering slot car racing parties.

Are there other web sites for LaVergne residents we should be linking?  Restaurants?  Things to do?  Help us find them!

Brown Dog Foundation Helps Animals of Flood

UPDATE:  A note from Fortune Cookies… I met Carol last year when Sunny Dog Snacks provided Brown Dog Foundation with free treats to supply in the gift bags at her annual dinner for her donors and recipients. Carol and I shared a cup of coffee and talked a while about how we each came to our respective places with Brown Dog Foundation and Sunny Dog Snacks. I enjoyed Carol’s sincere, complete and total dedication to helping those in need, both furry and non. And I admired her drive to take her dream and turn it into such a saving grace for so many people and their four legged friends. If you’ve ever faced sudden, life saving medical intervention for a pet at a financially tight time in your life, you will understand just how much of a relief the Brown Dog Foundation can be, both for you and for your pet.

Our longtime friend Fortune Cookies has asked for help in getting the word out about the Brown Dog Foundation, available to help the animals who were also affected by the floods earlier this month.  Here’s part of what she sent me from the BDF – and photos of two dogs that have been helped!

As tens of thousands in Middle Tennessee are displaced during this sudden flooding and tornado disaster, Brown Dog Foundation is stepping up to the request to provide assistance to families directly affected by the disaster and whose pet is injured as a result.  The Disaster Relief Program offers up to $300/pet for stabilization of injuries sustained during the disaster and/or treatment of illness caused by exposure to contaminants.  The Program also replaces prescription medications lost in the disaster.  Thanks to a gift made by Schering-Plough/Intervet, we can also provide a 3-month supply of Tri-Heart, a Heartworm Preventative, (via the owner’s Veterinarian) at no cost to the pet owner.  In some cases, we may also be able to provide a 3-month supply of  Flea/Tick Preventative.

During recognized disasters, the organization waives the normal guideline requirements. Families are only asked to provide proof that they have been affected by the disaster (a statement from Red Cross or FEMA will suffice) and prove that the pet belongs to them.   To date, the organization has funded two cases with several more in process.

In one situation, the dog’s owner lost her job due to the flooding disaster and the dog is diabetic, requiring prescription dog food to keep him healthy.  We have helped the owner purchase a 3-month supply of food.  The second dog was swept away by flood waters and injured in the process.  She required a specialty surgical repair of her hips and back legs.  The family had exhausted all of their savings account to repair their home damaged by flood water.

Because Brown Dog Foundation operates solely by donations of the general public, we are also encouraging cash contributions – 100% of these funds will be directed to aid in this disaster only.  Donations are accepted online, at or by mailing a check to Brown Dog Foundation, c/o McPherson Management, 900 19th Avenue South, Ste 204, Nashville, TN  37212.  Please write “Disaster Relief” in the memo line.  You can also find Brown Dog on Facebook.

Look at this little sweet diabetic dog that was helped.
This is PD – the first flood victim we assisted. His momma lost her job due to the floods and PD is… diabetic. Luckily, he doesn’t need insulin, but he does require expensive diabetic dog food. We have helped them purchase a 3-month supply! Thank you Supporters!!!!

And this precious pup.
Daisy was swept away by the raging flood water and needs surgery to repair her hips and back legs. We could not have helped Daisy without the donations from all of you. On behalf of Daisy and her family, THANK YOU!

AWWWW!  Come on… you can help!