Kudos to Finance Director

Hello!  I’m back – as promised – in my role as PR Director for LaV.  It didn’t take me long at all to realize there are some pretty amazing people who work here.  Which is why I’m “officially” writing now – to congratulate Ms. Phillis Rogers, the Director of Finance and Water Billing.  She recently earned an important designation on our behalf. 

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Rachael Ray How I Love You

In general I love Rachael Ray… always interesting.  She must work out a lot given the meals she fixes.

Like Rachael Ray, I also love our road crews!  WAY TO GO keeping our main roads salted… I say this in response to the wonderful comments we’ve received on the previous post about how our roads seem to be in better condition than our neighboring city’s roads.

Today.  I’m debating whether I should wrestle the kitchen away from the mother-in-law for dinner.  If I do, what can I put on the menu that’s not too hard to make and affordable?  It seem like a great day for a big pot of soup … maybe clean the leftover veggies out of the fridge and make some stone soup.

Stone soup:  put whatever you can find in a pot of boiling water like leftover corn, green beans, peas… even broccoli or cabbage.  Add some celery and carrots and onions.  Fill it out (if you’re a meat eater) with chicken, turkey, hamburger, or beef tips.  Season with some salt & pepper.   Eat.

Maybe I’ll bake a chicken.  Or make some lasagna.  I don’t know.  What do you think?

City Hall Wedding

Congratulations to Tenna and Blake Bryant on their marriage yesterday.  Also congratulations to Mayor Senna Mosley for presiding over her first wedding ceremony.  I hope the newlyweds enjoy a long, beautiful, very happy marriage and that any hardships will be faced together with undiminished love.

The mayor invited the newlyweds to have the small cake reception in her office.

Congratulations again to Blake & Tenna!

Want Allure? Think LaV

Perhaps its the low tax rate.  Maybe it’s our generous water policy.  But personally I think it’s the friendly villagers we should be thanking for our high ranking when it comes to being attractive to business.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this article in the DNJ called Think tank ranks LaVergne high for business,

In the Economic Vitality category, Smyrna was ranked seventh, Murfreesboro was ranked eighth and La Vergne was ranked ninth place.

In the Business Tax Burden category, La Vergne was ranked seventh, Smyrna was ranked 15th and Murfreesboro was ranked 29th.

In the Community Allure category, La Vergne was ranked 12th, Murfreesboro was ranked 29th and Smyrna was ranked 49th.

Right now it looks like Smyrna and Murfreesboro are ahead of us in the Economic Vitality category but we’ve left them in the dust in the categories of Business Tax Burden and Community Allure.   WTG LaVergne!

Let’s sidetrack for just a bit.  I have long said to whoever will listen that there is NO reason LaVergne can’t be one of the BEST places to live in Middle Tennessee.  We have a lake right next door, we are but a stone’s throw from Nashville/Davidson County, great access to transportation thoroughfares, great tax rates, affordable housing, etc.  AND for the most part, we are an extremely friendly group of residents.

It is hugely vindicating for LaVergne to see this report by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research – a group that is non-political, independent, not-for-profit – and to be ranked so favorably.

What we have to determine as a community (together with our new leadership) is how to translate and utilize the ranking of 6th friendliest Tennessee city to broaden our opportunities.  I would like to see LaVergne work more closely with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.  I would like to make sure our local industries know that where they enjoy the benefits of our low tax rates and strong work-force, they should expect to give equal support back to the community in which they are located.  (Don’t get me started on how one local industry has “adopted” a low-income school in another town.  They essentially enjoy the economic perks of operating their business here, but their community pay back goes elsewhere.)

It’s time the city really concentrates on the *real* things that will attract business and then all-hands-on-deck.  Use county resources, state resources, and federal resources.  Use our residents who have amazing backgrounds in management, business, public relations, advocacy, and community outreach.  You might be shocked if you knew the finely honed talents our citizens possess.  With them, we can accomplish grand ideas.  Other towns have done it.  We can too.

So yay LaVergne!

Mayor Mosley Sworn-In

Tonight LaVergne has a new Mayor, new Vice Mayor, and new Aldermen.  Instead of hearing from me, I’m going to share the words of a 15-year old resident who updated her Facebook status:

LaVergne is taking a new turn starting tonight! I think ill be proud to call lavergne my home again! (: congrats to everyone! Tonight was ahh-mazing! (:

She summed it up so nicely.  But let’s do a run-down, shall we?   I arrived about 5:20 with my toys for the toy drive and handed them to Alderman Waldron. They had a little table set up and it looks like they collected 10 or 15 toys on behalf of the Christmas program.  Kudos to the police department and Mr. Waldron for their efforts.

I’m throwing in a jump here because it’s a long, picture-filled post.

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Hats Off to LaVergne Veterans

When we say “Hats off” to our LaVergne veterans, we don’t mean the casual tip of the hat.  We mean removing our hat and placing it over our hearts to absolutely honor those men and women of our city who have served in the military.

I want to thank the LaVergne veterans I know who were willing to risk everything for our nation:

John Bamfield
Robin Grubb
Robert Carroll
Charles Robbins
Kevin Stolinsky- LPD
Mike Campbell- LPD
Bill Timson- LPD
Michael Morgan- THP
James Nichols- National Guard

Let’s add to this short list because I know there are dozens – hundreds even – who have served in some capacity in the military.  As long as I can, I’ll write the names in this post that you add in the comments.

Again to the brave men and women who served,


LHS in Top 10 of Bands

The La Vergne High School band traveled to Annapolis, MD this past weekend to compete in The Grand National Champions.  The band has a long history of outstanding leadership, under the direction of Edward Freytag.  I have a musical background and have always been impressed with this outstanding band.

The dedication of parents involved with the band boosters is also impressive and proves that with parental participation, high outcomes are achieved.  The DNJ wrote about La Vergne’s outstanding band,

Now in his ninth year at the school, Freytag said this band has been “top of the class” this season. It claimed the Tennessee State Championship at Carson-Newman College, was named a finalist at the Music City Invitational and finished second at its season opener in Southhaven, Miss. The color guard and percussion teams have finished in the top three at each competition, as well.

Congratulations to LHS band, Mr. Freytag and the many dedicated parents involved.  That you placed ninth in the United States Scholastic Bands Association Grand Nationals (competing with 98 bands) is certainly a job well done and makes La Vergne very proud of your accomplishments.  Here’s  a link to their finish.

(H/T Tonya for info!)