Give Your Kid an Extra Hug Today

Unless you were cut off from all online, televised, and print media yesterday and today, you’ve heard about the shocking, sad, upsetting, disheartening story of one of our LHS students thoughts to hire someone to kill is parents.  Here are some links if you missed it.

DNJ – Alleged murder plot shakes La Vergne

WSMV – La Vergne Teens Arrested in Plot to Kill Parents

This one hit really close to home.  My daughter has been friends with this kid since elementary school.  She said everyone at school yesterday was upset – as expected.  We talked for hours last night about all the kids involved (yes all the students know all the kids arrested even though the names have not been released).

Today, this weekend … take some extra time with your kids to talk about what’s on their minds.  I don’t care if they’re elementary school aged or all he way into their early adult years, give them an extra hug.  Make sure they know you care.  Even if they don’t like being grounded or your boring lectures, make sure they understand it’s because you love them and you always will.

And pray for these students and their families.


LPD Makes Huge Drug Bust

Do you know why I don’t mind posting this so-called bad news about LaVergne? Because drugs are rampant in EVERY community in the nation.  You never know what you’ll find behind someone’s closed door and the drug problem is found in small towns, medium towns, rural areas, big cities… everywhere.

So I’m posting this story with PRIDE in our local police department. KUDOS to you for your undercover work and bringing these arrests to fruition.

From the Tennessean,

The La Vergne Police Department arrested eight people this morning on multiple drug charges including heroin and prescription drugs. In addition, officers conducted two home searches and found even more drugs.

During the operation, offenders brought children to deals and dealt the drugs near elementary schools and churches.  Some of the drugs bought or found were lortab, xanax, suboxone, morphine, percocet and heroin.

Another side note, we did receive photos from the city of people in handcuffs, but I’m not publishing them here.  Yes, they may be under arrest, but I don’t want to be the one to plaster their faces all over the internet before they’re proven guilty.

Link to WSMV’s story.

Police Reports

Does anybody know if  (and how)  we can access the La Vergne Police Reports?  If we are supposed to have “Neighborhood Watches” doesn’t it make sense to know what we are up against?  I, personally, don’t want to waste the time of our officers on petty BS… (ie. your dog is in my yard and I’m upset).

There are rumors flying about regarding a robbery in my neighborhood.  If that is indeed true, I want to know about it!  I try to meet my neighbors when I get a chance, but still…


Did Someone Almost Rob You?

In what I thought was a completely bizarre story, the LaVergne police are looking for two people – victims of a robbery attempt.  After the attempt, they didn’t go to the police but witnesses reported the incident to the police after they pulled up at the ATM and scared the would-be robbers off.

So why wouldn’t someone report a crime?  In my brain, it seems like it would be the FIRST thing I did – call 911!   So why wouldn’t they report it?  Fear?  Hiding something? One commenter wrote that the almost-victims might be afraid of gang activity and retribution.  Really?  Pssshhh.

Two-fer Tuesday

It’s two-for-one day here at This is LaVergne. What does that mean for you?  Two items of interest in this post!

First, a DNJ reporter is looking for some help in writing an upcoming story,

Nan DeGennaro @ DNJ is looking for moms of school-age children who maybe work full-time or part-time from home or split time between office/home and juggle kids.  She wants to do a story on how they survive, if they have tips, etc. Anyone interested should e-mail her at

Second (and this is the one that frosts my backside), did you see this in the news?

Graffiti on the front of an empty house that included the words “Kill Obama” has upset the property owner, residents who tried to cover it up and many others, La Vergne Police confirmed Monday.

“There’s no good that can come out of that stuff,” La Vergne Police Capt. Stace Thompson said during a phone interview.

In my opinion, this is a threat against the President and should be reported to the Federal authorities.

Tobacco Shops Robbed in LaV

I heard my mother-in-law mention this morning that a couple of places in LaV were robbed over the weekend and only now saw this in the Daily News Journal.

The suspect was described as a white male between 5 feet 8 and 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 250 to 280 pounds and wearing a brown hoodie with tan lettering with faded jeans and tennis shoes.

$1000 reward.  Call the police at 793-7744 if you know anything.

Patience, Grasshopper

I have never been accused of being a patient person.  I am definitely a participant in the immediate gratification society (aka the McDonald’s population).  So I felt a teensie bit bad about sic’ing everyone on Mr. Stockard regarding the Ruthies.

I heard back from Mealand Ragland Hudgins today.  They’ve had over 3,000 entries in the last few days with just one person to enter them all.  The person reviewing them has asked for some help from other writers/editors so we should see new names and places posted over the next week or so.

Meanwhile I hear that Senna has been nominated MANY times.  You go, girl.

Keep checking for people to vote for here.

And here’s more crappy news of a drug arrest in LaVergne.  What is wrong with people?????