Until I can meet with David because I’m thick sometimes when it comes to technical pointing GoDaddy stuff from here to there, here’s a link to the newly created FORUM for LaVergne residents (and others if they want to come on and register).

This is LaVergne FORUM


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  1. I just went to the forum and it looks like someone hacked almost every topic on January 11th. A bunch of nonsense posts have been written there.

  2. nah, no hacking; they just posted to every topic. deleted them, this was the first spammer in months so I had stopped checking…

  3. I Live in the City of La Vergne, TN. I was recently cited for “Failure to sign Vehicle Registration”, and after some investigation, the law states that I do NOT have to sign it if it is on my person or in my vehicle. (According to the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated 2008 Edition) (55-4-108.)
    My case was dismissed and the officer was informed of the changed law by the Judge on Jan 27th 2010. It has been almost 2 months though, and I wonder how many others actually paid the fine for this bogus law.

  4. Question.. How long is the construction going to last on Waldron Rd? Excited about the 4 lanes being added. Well needed due to traffic. Though traffic isn’t very good due to construction.

  5. Has anything been said about the homework policy at LaVergen High. No homework. How is does LaVergen High School expect to prepare its students…my student…for college where homework is a daily 2 to 3 hour rquirement?

    • It’s a complete joke. The teachers CAN assign homework; it just can’t negatively affect the kids’ grades (see the LHS website). So what motivation do the kids have for completing it? Exactly zero. My daughter is a senior with four years of advanced honors and AP classes under her belt, and she’s loving the fact that she’s cruising this year. Hopefully she’ll remember her first three years of high school with homework every night when she starts college next year.

    • Troy, read the thread entitled “LHS Good To Go” that was originally posted on October 14th. The no homework fiasco was discussed there, too.

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