Yard Sales

The Rutherford Co. Yard Sale Listing

Check the calendar for a sale near you!


If you are having a yard sale that you would like to have listed, please contact us here .


5 Responses

  1. HUGE Multi-Family Yard Sale!! Saturday August 22 starting at 7 a.m.

    117 Stone Ridge Pkwy.

    Dove Creek Subdivision off of Waldron Rd

  2. That’s my neighborhood, but I didn’t see any yard sales that far down on Stone Ridge Pkwy… there was one on Cedar Ridge and another kitty corner on Stone Ridge, but that was the 1st house in the neighborhood…

  3. All I know is that’s that’s what the lady said to post…of course she did give me the Aug. 22 date on Aug. 23 hmmmmm…….

  4. Miracle Baptist Church College Group – Crossroads-

    Sat. Nov. 7 at Gingerbread House Daycare on Sam Ridley across from YMCA.

    7am…. anyone that wants to donate items can call Dennis Robison at 306-5697

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