New Apple Buffet Scheduled to Open

Angie Mayes commented in another post,

Ribbon Cutting– from the Chamber of Commerce:
New Apple Buffet
Thursday, Dec. 17, 4 p.m.
5179 Murfreesboro Road
Peter Chiou, Manager


14 Responses

  1. I hope this incarnation proves better than the last…

    • Original Big Apple was really good at first. I ate there a lot. It was a couple of years before it went downhill.

  2. Ate there yesterday….

    MUCH improved over the last couple of tries.

    Food was very tasty and fresh, selection was great, all new fresh clean seating, Very friendly staff….

    Prices good, we will give it a thumbs up for sure!!

  3. Thanks so much for writing your review. I’m trying to talk my husband into taking me there for our anniversary on Wednesday. 23 years on the 23rd!

  4. speaking of new places to eat, has anyone tried the
    new burger joint on sam ridley, five guys-burgers and fries?
    I have heard they make awesome burgers but I haven’t
    tried them yet.

    • Those 5 Guys places are all over Atlanta, and I’ve heard the food is good, but still it is just an expensive burger joint. I’m guessing like Red Robin.

      LV2LV, do you remember what the price was for the new apple buffet?

      • There’s a 5 guys in Brentwood close to my work. Personally, I didn’t think the burgers were worth the price and I’m not one who wants a whole tray of french fries….I’ll pass on trying out the new place in Smyrna

      • I tried the 5 guys place in M’boro a few weeks ago. I wasn’t that impressed. Burger was okay, fries were okay, that’s about all I can give it. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite burger place – I really like Red Robin and Fat Mo’s. Both of them aren’t exactly cheap. I love the fries and onion rings at Red Robin. I just wish their burgers weren’t so expensive for what you get. I love the milkshakes at Fat Mo’s – same thing with Steak n Shake.

    • I think my favorite burger place is Karin’s Kustard in Smyrna. But right now I’m totally digging the coke glasses being given away at McD’s when you buy a combo meal.

    • Five Guys have great burgers!! They may be a little pricey, but not too bad. Nothing like Red Robin. Worth a try for sure!!

  5. What kind of food are they serving at New Apple? Is it just a typical chinese buffet or something different?

    Also, I like the burgers at Fat Mo’s, they are pretty tasty. I would recommend trying them once. Very flavorful.

  6. I went to the New Apple Buffet to get some takeout last night. The inside looks a lot better and the prices are pretty much the same as everywhere else. The dinner and Sunday buffet is $9.99. I think the lunch buffet is $6.99. You can also get the buffet to go at $4.99 a pound or something like that. I ordered off the menu and they have a lot of items to choose from.

    • Actually, we eat here all the time and the price is the same day and night here….5.99. Very good place to eat and they are always busy. Hope this helps!

  7. Great burgers at Buster’s on m’boro rd right across from kroger in m’boro, best so far, but i hear fat willies on river rock blvd in m’boro off 24 and 96 are better. right next to work and there is a coupon on website.

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