Pig in a Blanket

I drove by the house the other day with the pig in the back yard.  Yes… it’s unmistakably a pig.  A pig.  In a yard.  And I have pictures!

Here Piggy

Here it is again…

Piggy Piggy

And if you want to see what the pig looks like on video, tune in to WSMV- Channel 4 News tonight at 5:00 p.m. Intrepid reporter Deanna Lambert brings you the story, what the neighbors think, AND what one of our Aldermen said about the piggy.


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  1. was wondering why news 4 was out this afternoon. That makes sense

  2. Channel 4 searching for news?
    it kind of just drops in their laps….
    how about a good news story from Channel 4…wait only good journalism would require them to work.

  3. Earl,

    maybe you should call WSMV and tell them to do a story about the gang problem? I would think you would rather have a story on a pig than a story about something really bad.

  4. I like what the Alderman said about it. “A pig’s gonna squeal and a dog’s gonna bark.”

    I really don’t see a problem with it. As long as she keeps the same noise control as anyone with a dog would have to keep.

    And the “what if everybody in the neighborhood had a pig” excuse (that the oh-so-nice complaining neighbor made) is ridiculous.

  5. Wow, where do I start…

    First off, I didn’t hear a single word the pig owner lady said. I just kept trying to figure out what it must feel like when she sneezes with that hook in her nose!

    I completely agree with the neighbor, that I wouldn’t want to spend $150k for a house just to have a pig next door.

    I understand what Dennis Waldron is saying, that a pig squeals and a dog barks, but it is that kind of logic that makes La Vergne the most disorganized city in the State. That logic is what led to the mess known as LFE where the developers were apparently handed a key to the city. I am disheartened to hear that there is no regulation over how many animals you can have in your back yard. Our next story will be about the neighbor who has 50 dogs on their .15 acre lot.

    This goes back to what I always say, I don’t care what you do on your property as long as it doesn’t affect me. A pig makes the neighborhood look trashy and has the possibility of bringing down property values. I at least think she ought to fence in her back yard with a privacy fence.

  6. I think that most people have a misunderstanding about having a pig as a pet. The veitnamese pot belly pig is a domestic pet not a farm animal. They are illegal to slaughter for food and are very smart animals. When born they have the mindset of a 3yr old child and grow from there. Pigs in general are the fourth smartest animal in the world.
    I agree that it might be “different” and not the “norm” but get over yourself, we’re almost in to 2010 and people are complaining about pet pigs ? OMGZ. I don’t see how it would bring down property values if more people were educated about the animal. If you research the area and figure out that the neighborhood has no regulations on owning such animals or how many pets you can own or how many cars you can park in your yard for that matter then don’t move there. Find another place to live. It’s your responsibility to look into thise things when you buy a house as a investment.
    I’ve seen the pig and I don’t see this being any worse than the house down the steet that has broken down junked up cars in their backyard with 3 malnutrtioned pit bulls with large chains that bark day and night at any slight movement. Or the amount of unneutered male dogs wondering the street. Or the 10-15 kids that walk in packs in the middle of the street. I think the pet pig is the smallest of things to bring down property value.
    I find it humorous when people see something different and freak out about it and think they MUST do something to make it normal..

  7. Here is the link to the news video if anyone is interested:

    I completely agree with the upset neighbor. There is something not right about a pig in a subdivision. We aren’t going to get anywhere near what we paid for our houses if this kind of stuff is allowed. I really hope Waldron does what he says he’s going to do and revisits the issue of farm animals in LaVergne. Why did the owner ever bring the pig outside anyway? The video says the pig lived inside her house until a couple weeks ago. If the pig is so happy and cuddly like she says in the video she should bring him back inside her house so the neighborhood isn’t negatively effected.

  8. quote
    I find it humorous when people see something different and freak out about it and think they MUST do something to make it normal..

    I so agree….and find it odd that when I went in front of the Smyrna town council about chickens the town attorney said local towns did not allow chickens, yet it seems LaVergne allows Farm animals. I feel sort of lied to now.

  9. I think this pig is a figment of ya’ll’s imagination. I drove for an hour in LFE and saw nary a pig… cops, yes… but no oinker at all!

  10. If everyone is so upset about pigs, chickens and other farm animals living in your neighborhoods, then get organized. Get a petition together and ask to be on the agenda of a city meeting.

    Nothing is going to be done if you get together and try to force change!

  11. I do not understand the neighbors gripe. During the interview he was standing there with his gog on a leash. I’m sure that the dog puts out more decibels than the pig. I know that my shephards do. I love to hear; its just not right, codes should do somthing, and it is bringing down my property values.
    It is not a problem, you own your animal and they own theirs.
    There are no rules about the animals. Read the link on the other posting.
    The economy is causing the deflation of property values.
    If the people of Lake Forest want to change the rules, VOTE. If the people of L.F. would band together and unite, Lake Forest would completely own the board the Board of Mayor & Alderman in four years.
    If you want things to change yoou have to participate.

  12. Typo,
    that was supposed to be Dog on a leash.

  13. BD hits the nail on the head: If the people of Lake Forest want to change the rules, VOTE. If the people of L.F. would band together and unite, Lake Forest would completely own the board the Board of Mayor & Alderman in four years.

  14. This seems like a tempest in a tea cup to me. The pig’s enclosure seemed relatively tidy, and they obviously raised the levels on the sound in the news piece to make the squealing more dramatic. I’m much more disturbed by pit bulls and other large dogs being kept in tiny enclosures, being forced to lie in the mud and their own filth, or being tied out on a lead and never being properly exercised. One of my neighbors had a yard full of them and they were mean as all get out because they were so badly neglected. That’s an actual dangerous situation which the city and county can do nothing about as long as there is some food, water, and anything that may pass for shelter.

    I do find the name Buddha unfortunate. I wouldn’t name my pet Jesus. She seems like a nice lady, however, and I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it : )

  15. I just moved to the neighborhood about 3 months ago and I live very close to the pig (I can see it from my window). I don’t understand why anyone is upset about this!
    The pig doesn’t seem to be causing any harm as far as I have noticed. I’ve never once heard it squeal and it seems to have food/water and a little house for it to go in at night. And as far as the pig bringing down property values… COME ON! I’ve lived in developing neighborhoods like this before and I can see the property values going down, but NOT because of a little old pig! I can see it going down because of the growing dangerous community and because projects are going to be built soon around here! Come on, guys! A pig should be the LEAST of our worries! Lets petition and call the news about the drug dealers down the street and the kids that walk around at 11 at night making all kinds of nosie. Not about a poor little pig. And I just watched the video, that poor girl in it looked like she was about to cry! It seems like she’s being picked on for no reason…

  16. Ok, one more thing. Apparently this pig isn’t technically a “farm animal” as people are saying. Given the breed of pig, its illegal to slaughter them, so it’s a domesticated pet. I just feel bad for these people. Get a life, guys. Really.

  17. Don’t worry. You live in a neighborhood you’re bound to have more than a few NIMBY’s who are always worried about what YOU may do to affect THEIR value.

    Often these NIMBY’s are so pent up over what everyone else is doing that they don’t notice the own destruction they’re doing to their very own property value – like letting the grass grow two inches too tall for the variant – which face it, all but a very few residents of La Vergne do this at least a couple times over the mowing season.

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